Internet Absolutely ERUPTS After Everyone Sees The Nasty Thing Michelle Obama Just Did In Italy

Michelle Obama Disrespects Church and Wears Shirt that Bears All In Italy…


While CNN wants to criticize Melania Trump for choosing to be classy, conservative, and lady-like, Michelle Obama is busily baring all on her Italian vacation.  As usual, the rules don’t apply to the Obamas and Michelle does not care who she offends in the process.


Michelle Obama outfit

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She wore a shoulder, back, cleavage-baring – well,  let’s face it – There just was not a whole lot to her shirt – to the Siena Cathedral. Women are supposed to cover their shoulders upon entry into the cathedral out of respect. The Sistine Chapel and others like them have similar requirements.


Just because the taxpayer-funded trips around the world are over, doesn’t mean she stopped traveling in style right? And Michelle’s liberal sycophants can’t stop gushing about the $400 “flirty shoulder-bearing top” she wore, along with kahki-colored high-waisted pants at age 55.


Now compare that to the blistering diatribe that Melania Trump was subjected to from CNN for her classy ensemble that was chosen with care to show respect for the Saudi women Melania is smart – she knows her audience.  She understands that this is a country where women are under intense scrutiny and modesty and decorum are a must – where it can literally mean life or death.  No, Melania as a visiting foreign leaders’ wife was not required to wear a headscarf. But what she did do was chose to wear something fashionable and conservative that would not offend Saudi sensibilities and as a result already become extremely popular with Saudi women.

melania trump saudi arabia, melania trump

Michelle Obama lives that “Let them eat cake” lifestyle acting as though she is some kind of royalty with little to no class and her wardrobe choices are a very apparent reflection of that.  While she bares all with little to no regard for the customs and traditions of the people she is offending, Melania from all reports took those into account and respectfully and circumspectly made her wardrobe selections as well as choosing to engage those around her with kindness and genuine warmth.

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They say your character will light the way and if that is true I am afraid that Michelle Obama may be stuck in the dark.

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