Internet ERUPTS After Picture Shows Something MAJOR Missing At Bill Clinton’s Speech, It’s BAD

On Friday, former President Bill Clinton set out to stump for his wife, Hillary, in Wisconsin and had a scheduled stop at a college campus in the state. However, someone inside snapped a picture, and the Internet is going absolutely insane after people noticed something major missing.

With Hillary Clinton’s numerous scandals plaguing her, and Slick Willy’s not so innocent past being a dark mark on the political power couple’s history, it’s no surprise that old Bill isn’t exactly the most popular guy. How unpopular is he? Well, while speaking at a rally in Appleton, he struggled to fill a small room with would-be Hillary voters, which is downright pathetic.

Check it out:

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See those stairs on the right? They’re for the small stage that the media uses to see over the crowd, or lack thereof. See what’s missing? The audience. As you can see, there’s maybe a hundred people in there… maybe.


That’s just sad.

However, a campaign organizer, who’s apparently Hillary propaganda minister, tried to spin the size of the audience to her Twitter followers by claiming there was “overflow” at the half-empty event.

You want to see the best part of it all? The room wasn’t even that big to begin with. No, really, check out a photo posted online showing it when there’s nobody inside. As you can see, it’s tiny.

Now that’s really sad. At most, that room might fit just over a hundred people, but the infamous philanderer couldn’t even get that many in there, which says everything we need to know.

Just in case some of you are newfound conservatives and don’t really know Hillary all that well, I’ve taken the liberty of embedding the following video so you can get to know her on a more personal – and legal – level. Check it out:

After seeing that, is it any surprise that her support is lackluster, at best? It really makes you wonder how she’s winning so many of these primaries, doesn’t it.

Then again, the Clintons have a history of doing anything necessary to get ahead – lie, cheat, murder – so it wouldn’t come as any surprise if they were cheating honest Democrat voters out of their favored nominee, which is obviously Sanders, who’s capable of drawing crowds of over 15,000 people – something Clinton hasn’t ever been able to do.

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God Bless.


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