The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is forcing a USA women’s hockey team goalie to remove a reference to the U.S. Constitution from her mask before the Sochi Winter Olympics because the IOC views it as propaganda.

Jessie Vetter, the goalie, has a “We the People” inscription on her custom mask that also includes “depictions of the Statue of Liberty, a screaming bald eagle and a ‘USA’ shield to show ‘figures that scream ‘America.’”

Ron Slater, who designed the mask, told “that he believes the IOC sees it as “propaganda” promoting the United States over other countries – anathema to an event in which all athletes are regarded equally.

“It ruffles the wrong feathers, I guess,” said Slater, after recalling that it was Vetter’s idea to put the inscription on the mask.

Rob Koch, the communications director for USA Hockey, said that “it is our understanding” that the “adjustment was necessary because the image did not meet IOC guidelines. It contained wording, which is not allowed on uniforms for any sports at the Olympic games.”

As Fox News notes, this is not unprecedented. U.S. men’s goalies had to remove “Miller Time” and “Support our troops” from their respective masks four  years ago.

photo: InGoal Magazine 

via breitbart

CLARK KENT @ americasfreedomfighters

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