Iran is still a major threat to the entire middle east region, especially Israel. Yet, Obama and the US have basically given the country a free pass in order to continue their nuclear program. Even if they fully comply with the agreement as outlined in the latest round of concessions, they will be essentially a forever ‘almost’ nuclear power.

In other words, they will quite literally always be about 8 to 12 weeks away from actually developing a workable and deliverable nuclear weapon.

The next part of this equation is what you believe Iran will and is actually doing. Perhaps they are continuing a secret nuclear development program that is carefully inching them closer and closer to the development of an actual nuclear bomb? Is this really something that we can risk?

The country has also recently been increasing their aggressive talk; even coming to the point of directly threatening the US and Israel. All this despite our wonderful community organizer in chief and how he has coddled the country. The media, of course, continues to fall for all of this. They report that the diplomatic inroads Iran is supposedly ‘allowing’ are making up for all of this talk.

Some of these concessions include allow UN inspectors greater access. They have also made a big show about providing further information regarding the explosive devices used in their program. The problem, however, is that these supposed ‘concessions are worthless. Iran continues to refuse the International Atomic Energy Agency the authority to inspect their military sites (Parchin is a great example of this). Iran has also not been forthcoming at all about details of their past nuclear development and the world already knows the most likely purpose of the explosive triggers.

This is an old game. The Iranian government is walking a very fine line, trying to keep up their facade of cooperation. However, at the same time, who knows exactly what they are continuing to do in secret? This game also helps to frustrate international coordination among those who would really like to get at the truth about their nuclear program and also boosts the political leverage of Obama. Obama would rather avoid a military confrontation with Iran as a matter of principle (not strategy).

The sad part is that the Obama Regime is allowing Tehran to get away with all of this. I mean, certainly it is one thing to be shown up on the world political stage by experienced statesman Vlad Putin, but it is quite another to have your lunch eaten by the likes of the Iranian government. Yet, this is what is happening, with Iran turning the US and Obama into almost a strategic partner. In the meantime, the country continues increasing their regional power accumulation.

What do YOU think? Should Obama rethink his strategy with regards to these Iranian concessions? Is Obama being outclassed once again by another country on the international stage? How should this effect Obama’s reputation domestically?


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