What Iran Just Did To U.S. Navy Ships Is An ACT OF WAR… Obama Silent


In another blatant slap to the face of America, Iran has taunted us once again by flying a drone over one of our aircraft carriers.

The Navy has confirmed that an unarmed Iranian drone recently flew over an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, according to FOX6Now.

The Navy termed the incident “abnormal and unprofessional” in a statement released by U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet spokesman Cmdr.Kevin Stephens.

The statement said that on the morning of January 12, an Iranian drone flew toward the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the USS Harry S. Truman, both of which were operation in international waters in the gulf.


A Navy helicopter was launched from the Truman and determined that the unmanned drone wasn’t weaponized.

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“Because the UAV was unarmed and posed no risk to the carrier’s flight operations (since it wasn’t flying at the time), we determined that … the Iranian UAV’s actions posed no danger to the ship,” Stephens said in his statement. “It was however, abnormal and unprofessional.”


Iran has broadcast video on local television that has been billed as capturing the incident.

Think about that… Allen B.West has a few thoughts. The world’s #1 state sponsor of Islamic terrorism was flying a drone over our naval vessels. We’ve had Iran seize our Riverine assault boats and capture our Sailors at gunpoint, making them kneel. And Iran has also fired off ship-launched cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf this month; hmm, I suppose that’s all just hunky dory now.


Hasan Rouhani is on his European victory tour and the Italians were so appeasing they covered up pieces of art that could be offensive. We’re suppressing our culture for a terrorist state to whom we’ve released billions of dollars and are courting for trade packages. See, to the mind of the liberal leftist progressive, this is all fine. Matter of fact, you thank the Iranians for treating our Sailors so nicely after broadcasting their kneeling on state TV.

Obama has given the green light to EVERY country to do what ever the hell they want. We won’t retaliate. We will issue lame statements like calling this drone incident “abnormal and unprofessional.”

Oh yeah, that’ll scare the Iranians. Just like Obama’s “red lines.” That is so weak it hurts. 

Mr. West nails it perfectly when he says, “Let me be very clear, and this is not war mongering, this is dealing with an enemy — fly a drone, armed or unarmed, over our Navy vessels, and it will be shot down. Approach our Naval vessels, and we consider it a hostile act and will fire upon you — that’s what Reagan did, and anyone remember Iranian belligerence? Here’s the worse case scenario, folks, a USS Cole repeat. Kids test adults’ limits; if you don’t shut it down early, it only emboldens the child.”

Simply unbelievable…


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