It was a day like no other at the ISIS school of suicide bombers where a man was teaching a group of around 50 students how to make a suicide vest.  All of a sudden, the teacher accidentally set off the bomb killing himself and 21 students as well as injuring another 15.

An Iraqi Army officer explains that the teacher, whose name is being withheld, has been confirmed, “as a recruiter of young militants.”  The officer went on to share his ecstatic mindset saying that the man was finally, “able to kill the bad guys for once.”

Inside their secret compound hidden within an orchard, the teacher sought to show the children how to acturately build a bomb.  Apparently using live explosives, the nitwit accidentally set off the bomb killing himself and 21 of the students instantly.

The explosion triggered a police response that came and arrested 23 other survivors as they tried to flee.  Unfortunately for them, 15 of those 23 were injured from the blast making their attempt to evade authorities quite difficult, resulting in their arrest.

Once there, police searched the orchard, about 60 miles north of Baghdad, and found a gold mine of explosives.  According to reports police found, in the two houses and garage with the camp, several explosive devices.

The devices found consisted of, “seven car bombs, explosive belts and roadside bombs.”

The camp, or training school for the youth, has been discovered to be an operational stronghold of the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS—the group Al Qaeda has recently disowned.

According to officials, the group was disowned by the infamous terrorist organization because of their low standards—of all things.  Apparently they weren’t too happy with their, “indiscriminate killing of Muslims.”

The ISIS however remains unhindered as their plans for domination through terror and intimidation continue.  Seeking retribution for the 45 Sunni lives lost during protests, the ISIS agenda is still in play.  Starting last April, the minority group of Sunni’s began protesting their government that used to—during the days of Saddam Hussein—support them, demanding things return the way it used to be.

As the group intensifies its efforts, the Iraqi government is struggling to suppress their attacks.  Finding a cache of explosives like this is highly commendable—even though it wasn’t on account of their own doing—as it saves the countless innocent lives that would have otherwise been lost.


Car bombs are a favorite for the group as it holds the most explosives as well as results in the highest casualties.  In fact, the group just recently attempted to kill “Iraq’s parliamentary speaker, Osama al-Nujaifi, one of the country’s most prominent Sunni officials,” in route with his motorcade via car bomb.  Luckily only one of his guards was injured and he was able to escape with his life.

The U.S. was quick to urge Iraqi officials not to allow terrorist groups to regain control saying, “Today’s attack exemplifies the danger terrorist groups pose to all Iraqis, and the importance of Iraqi leaders from all communities working together to isolate militant groups from the broader population.”

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