BREAKING: ISIS Abducts 900 Men, Women and Children- EXECUTES 26 So Far… Here’s What We Know

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Obama’s “JV team” have been busy in Syria and have abducted roughly 900 Kurdish civilians in the last 3 weeks! Many of them have reportedly been executed. The religion of peace strikes again folks! 

Didn’t Obama say that ISIS is contained? Doesn’t look that way to me.

FOX reports that Islamic State (ISIS) militants abducted about 900 Kurdish civilians in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo over the past three weeks, forcing the captives to build fortifications for the extremists in retaliation for a Kurdish-led assault on a nearby ISIS stronghold, activists said Friday.

Reports also emerged Friday that at least 26 of those abducted have been killed for refusing to follow ISIS orders.

The abductions come amid fierce fighting for control of Manbij — a key ISIS stronghold in this Syrian province — where the extremists are being routed from the town center by the predominantly Kurdish and U.S.-backed Syria Democratic Forces.

Some of the abducted Kurds have been pressganged into digging trenches and shelters for the IS, according to Kurdish media activist Rezan Hiddo, while others have been forced to wear IS uniforms and ordered to fight at the fronts.

On Friday, the mostly Kurdish SDF battled IS militants inside Manbij after having encircling the stronghold in a weeks-long offensive that has been backed by U.S.-coalition air strikes.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group reported that coalition jets struck targets around the town. The SDF has lost 89 fighters since launching its campaign for Manbij on May 31, according to the Observatory. Also, 463 IS militants have been killed.

ABC reports that the Observatory and Darwish said some of those taken captive have been forced to dig trenches in IS-held areas while others are imprisoned in IS-run detention centers. Darwish said all captured males above the age of 12 were sent against their will to the front lines to help fortify IS positions.

The militants have killed 26 of the captives for resisting detention or refusing orders, according to Hiddo. His report could not be independently confirmed and the Islamic State group made no immediate claim over the abductions or the killings.

Many of the civilians are being held in an IS prison in Qabasin, Hiddo said. Those forced into labor are digging fortifications underneath homes in al-Bab.

“They (ISIS) are digging a city underneath the town to protect themselves from air strikes,” Hiddo added.

The IS has not engaged in any negotiations for the release of the Kurdish civilians, nor asked for any ransom, Hiddo said, speaking from the nearby Kurdish stronghold of Afrin.

These terrorists are ruthless. Hopefully our next President takes an aggressive approach to wiping the cockroaches off the face of the earth.

God Bless.



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