ISIS Executing Babies For This SICKENING Reason… This Is INSANE


Most Americans love their children regardless of a condition they maybe born with obviously. Some even care for their child it’s entire life, it’s human nature. Americans donate millions of dollars to organizations for the cure of childhood diseases. We see people volunteer time and even donate their entire lives to battling these diseases. Again, it’s human nature.

That being said, let’s turn our attention to the Islamic state and how these people choose to deal with children born with for example, Down Syndrome.

Breitbart reports that the Islamic State has reportedly issued a fatwa ordering the elimination of children with Down syndrome and other congenital disabilities, reminiscent of Hitler’s infamous “Aktion T4” program, which administered forced “euthanasia” on an estimated 300,000 disabled persons.


According to the Iraqi activist blog Mosul Eye, sharia judges have ruled that ISIS followers are authorized to kill infants with Down Syndrome or congenital deformities. Already since the religious decree (fatwa) was issued, militants have killed at least 38 children between one week and three months old by lethal injection or suffocation.

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The group says it has monitored the deaths of several children with Down Syndrome and congenital deformities. They learned of an “Oral Fatwa” issued by the sharia board of the Islamic State authorizing its members to “kill newborn babies with Down’s [sic] Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children.”


The Fatwa was issued by a Saudi sharia judge named Abu Said Aljazrawi.


Exclusive – Mosul Eye#IAmDisabledTheCaliphWillKillMeISIL issues “Fatwa” to exterminate children with Down’s…

Posted by Mosul Eye on Sunday, December 13, 2015

The report states there have been 38 confirmed cases of killing babies with congenital deformities and Down Syndrome, aged between one week to three months. Can anyone please explain to me how these animals could be considered human? Well on second thought, many liberals encourage aborting babies with Down Syndrome. What makes us think they care about this? In my eyes this is absolutely sickening though.

A major concern I have about the direction obama is steering the country as he states you don’t have to assimilate to come to the U.S. Is this what he’s inviting? Savages with no regard for women, Christians, children, gays and the disabled? These are the accusations leveled against the right and yet Obama and the left are turning a blind eye, if not outright embracing such behaviors. If these people want to stop genetic and chromosomal defects, maybe they should stop raping and impregnating their own daughters.

Obama and Killary believe that Americans are the biggest threat. I honestly believe any liberal in office ONLY represents themselves, their sick Anti-American idealism and their lobbyists. Not all Republicans are any better than the Dems. It is just a good ole boy system. This, as an independent American, is what I see as the criminal minded & corrupt politicians in office that are held above the law and above the American people. Killary is a PRIME example and someone that should have been in prison a very long time ago and Obama should have been impeached a very long time ago also.

Wake up America! These ideologies do not fit with American values and to implement their laws, our constitution must be abolished. In my opinion this is why we have seen our elected officials systematically destroying our founding documents. It is NOW or NEVER, a line must be drawn.

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