ISIS BEGS For ONE Candidate To Be Elected With Latest Move, And It’s NOT Who You Think

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While Obama has been doing nothing about ISIS, the Islamic TERRORIST group has been on a vicious rampage, virtually allowed to do whatever they want unchecked.

ISIS has a strong desire to attack America in their ‘next phase’ of terrorism and have released a chilling new video warning Obama and America that they intend to “kill, slaughter and burn your people.”

An English-speaking ISIS jihadi has warned America they will be attacked “very soon” and “by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris,” Daily Mail reports.

The jihadi tells America it can expect an atrocity similar to the massacre in Paris in November in which 130 people were murdered in a wave of shootings and suicide bomb attacks.

The narrator speaks English as he delivers his disturbing threat – but it is not known whether he is British.

The thug says, “Paris isn’t far from you – we will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris. We will kill, slaughter and burn your people.”

“Inshallah (God willing), we will attack you very soon with anything we lay our hands on.”

Against a backdrop of footage from conflicts in the Middle East and harrowing scenes from the Paris attack, the narrator says, “You dogs of Rome, Kerry and Obama, haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”


Look, Obama and Kerry haven’t learned a damn thing. Obama won’t even call ISIS Islamic for God’s sake. He says they’re “contained.”

And John Kerry? That dude is totally useless. Swaying back and forth to a washed up James Taylor singing You’ve Got A Friend’ After Paris got attacked by Muslim terrorists was probably one of the most embarrassing moments in America’s history. What a joke that was.

ISIS needs to be exterminated from our planet and with Obama in charge, that’ll never happen.

God Bless. 


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