ISIS Defectors CROSS-DRESSING To Escape Battle! Some Advice, Lose The Mustache Dude…

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Muhammad would be so proud… 


ISIS fighters are shaving off their beards and dressing as women to escape battle! These are some of the UGLIEST cross-dressers I have ever seen!

They are shaving their beards off but leaving their mustaches? LMAO man they are fricking stupid!

Daily Mail reports:

A series of pictures have emerged showing men who have reportedly been caught trying to escape from northern Iraq wearing dresses, bras and make-up. The photographs, posted on Instagram, show authorities appearing to pull back burkas to reveal young boys and even men with mustaches.


In one a scared teenager wearing pink eye shadow is held by the throat as an official takes a picture. It is not known when the photograph was originally taken.

The account also carries images of dead fighters, the Sunday Mirror reported.

 Under Sharia law, which ISIS partially adheres to, women are prevented from fighting. Jihadists are believed to be terrified of being killed by a female because they think it will stop them getting their 72 virgins in heaven.  Take a look at this dude (below) with his flowered pajamas LOL! Again, the mustache is a dead give away bro!


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