GRAPHIC: ISIS Fighter FAKES DEATH During Mass Execution, Gets NASTY Surprise After


The Islamic State terror group has made a name for itself with barbarity never before seen in the modern world, but a group of them just learned a hard lesson about living by the sword.

Video has surfaced out of Libya purportedly showing the moment that 18 members of ISIS were given an epic dose of karma after being captured by Libyan forces. The graphic footage is eerily reminiscent of videos the group has put out itself, and it’s going viral across the web for all of the right reasons.

From the Daily Mail:

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Eighteen blindfolded prisoners in Guantanamo Bay-style jumpsuits line up to face their deaths

Executioners, thought to be from the Libyan National Army, take aim at their targets - supposedly ISIS fighters in the country 


The killers spray their targets with bullets long after they have fallen to the ground in a heap



In the video, a man can be seen reading from a piece of paper and men in military uniform can be seen walking up to their targets, taking one each, and unleashing a flurry of bullets on the command of their leader.

The kneeling men fall to the ground face-first, which doesn’t stop the gunmen from shooting.

Eventually, they turn on their heels and walk back together in a line before a new set of executioners walk forward and kill the next line of prisoners.

A man in an orange jumpsuit located in the second line appears to fall forward in an attempt to fool the executioners, but he is dragged back onto his knees and callously shot in the head in the second round of killings.

The sequence continues until all 18 men are dead.

There you have it. Justice served to these savages.

It’s hard to feel sorry for any of them after the things they’ve done to other people, and it’s even harder to believe that they’d ever be able to be rehabilitated to become productive members of society. With that said, it looks as if the Libyans have the perfect means of disposing of these animals.

You can watch the video at Daily Mail:


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