ISIS Hosts A Jihad Pool Party, Then A Few ‘Uninvited’ Guests Show Up In Their F-16 Fighter Jets…

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I haven’t really given much thought to what ISIS terrorists do on their days off but one thing I didn’t expect them to do was to go kick back and sunbathe and swim at a 5-star hotel’s swimming pool! But that’s just what they did. Unfortunately for them, that was a huge mistake! 

Russ Read at Daily Caller reports that Iraqi fighter jets blew up 67 Islamic State fighters attending a “war room” meeting at a hotel pool in Mosul, Iraq.

The F-16 fighters struck the gathering at around 11 p.m. Tuesday night as part of an ongoing offensive against ISIS forces in Mosul, according to Kurdish media outlet Rudaw.

The ISIS fighters met at the renowned Ninawa International, a luxury five-star hotel located along the beautiful Tigris river just north of Mosul’s al-Andalus neighborhood. ISIS renamed the establishment, the “Inheritors Hotel” after seizing the city in 2014. The terrorist group defaced the hotel’s ornate decorations, which are considered idolatrous, before re-opening it. Today, the Ninawa is a well-known venue for ISIS weddings, given its large ballrooms. It also sports 262 fully-furnished rooms, offering plenty of space for visiting jihadists.

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Wow! Sounds like a nice place but you won’t catch me anywhere near it! LOL! 

They have no BAR! Well that SUCKS!

Do the women swim in their BURKAS??? LMAO! 

LMAO MAN! We thought you would get a kick out of this! Maybe the OBAMAS will take their next vacation there! They would probably comp his room lol! God Bless! 


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