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Residents Of Town Destroyed By ISIS Report Hit List

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The Islamic State may be struggling to maintain a grasp on the regions that it once confidently controlled, but a cornered animal is often the most deadliest.  The Syrian town of Qaryatayn knows this better than anyone–ISIS paid a visit to their homes and by the time they had left over 70 residents had been brutally slaughtered.  The residents of the town looked on in horror as their friends and family members were chosen to be part of the barbaric spectacle.  Neither the Russian-backed Syrian army nor the American-backed Islamists were there to stop the carnage.


One relative of the deceased received a call from a family member that resided in the village.  They had walked miles to find cell phone coverage so that they could tell him that two of his cousins and two of his uncles had been slain in the killings.

The ISIS Killers Were Locals That Had Been Recruited In The Village

The killing was not random: “They came into town with a hit list,” Abdulla AbdulKarim said while claiming that over half of the 50-some militants that attacked the town had originally been residents there.  These killers knew the people that they were killing and the purpose was clearly for revenge.  Militants accused the village of collaborating with the government of Syria and their list of perpetrators were the first to go.


But the killing didn’t stop there and many other noncombatants were caught in the mix as well.

Once a predominantly Christian town known for its ancient monastery, Qaryatayn has changed hands between ISIS and the Syrian government several times during Syria’s civil war.  Parts of the 1,500-year-old St. Elian monastery were demolished the first time ISIS took over the town in 2015 and thousands of its Christian residents fled, fearing the extremist group’s brutality.

An AP video, filmed as Syrian government troops recaptured Qaryatayn on Saturday, showed several bodies lying in the streets. In the video, a town resident said ISIS “monsters” killed more than 100 people, including soldiers and civilians. “These are people who don’t know God, they don’t know anything. They killed children and women with knives, they beat women, broke their arms,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity out of fear for his own safety.

The Syrian Government Killed 12 In Qaryatayn When They Took It Back From ISIS

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has issued a statement on the killings and believes that a total of 128 people fell victim to the onslaught in the village during the conflict so far.  12 of them were killed by the Syrian government forces on the suspicion that they were ISIS collaborators. In other words, the residents of Qaryatayn are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  No matter which side they choose to side with they will likely be at risk for retributive ‘justice’ by the other.

The world is hardly as easily defined as members of the Left would have you believe.  While the Syrian Government is leagues better than ISIS that doesn’t mean they are noble by any means.  What separates us from the Democrats is our ability to make judgement calls while stepping outside of our ideals.  Yet, the US government continues to arm terrorists that are hardly any different than ISIS and they do so in the hopes of over-throwing the Assad regime. Why?

This was a program that began under President Obama and Secretary Clinton.  It has to stop — the Syrian people must choose for themselves between Islamism and secular society.  The Americans should not be arming the so-called “moderate” Islamist rebels.  A choice between a group of moderates that behead people for religious infraction and a group of radicals that behead people for religious infraction isn’t a choice we can force on the Syrian people simply because the secular government is friends with our enemies. 



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