BREAKING: ISIS Storms Crowded Market, 70 DEAD In MASSIVE Terror Attack- Here’s What We Know…


ISIS carried out a twin suicide bombing in a Shi’ite district of Baghdad on Sunday which is being called the deadliest attack inside the state’s capital this year. 70 people were killed and more that 100 were wounded.

The suicide bombers were riding motorcycles and blew themselves up in a crowded mobile phone market in Sadr City, police sources reported.

According to Reuters, a witness saw pools of blood on the ground with slippers, shoes and mobile phones at the site of the blasts, which was sealed off to prevent further attacks.

In a statement circulated online, Islamic State said it was responsible for the blasts: “Our swords will not cease to cut off the heads of the rejectionist polytheists, wherever they are,” it said, using derogatory terms for Shi’ite Muslims.


These Muslim terrorists have wreaked havoc all over the Middle East at a startling pace. They murder innocent people including women and children all in the name of Allah.

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They are violent, vicious, hateful and murderous savages and they are committing these horrific acts virtually unchecked.


Obama’s efforts to defeat these scumbags is laughable, at best.

These people will never change. They are driven by the evil message contained in their Koran.


As long as we keep appeasing these people with the politically correct garbage that liberals slam down our throats, these savages will grow stronger and continue to terrorize the world.

The only way to solve the ISIS problem is to eliminate them. That means that we need to blow them all the way to hell.

Obama, yeah he drops pamphlets with love messages written in them. Trump will drop tons and tons of BOMBS!

We need to eradicate this disease or more people will die. Pretty simple, really.

God Bless.


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