Support Trump? Fly The Flag? ANTIFA Orders Members To KILL YOUR DOGS!


Today’s AntiFa in the United States consider themselves, “Storm Troopers of the New World Order — the AntiFas, or “anti-fascists”.

Antifa prides itself in the use of violence and intimidation, they are keyboard commandos and throw the finest of temper tantrums that a 2 year old would be jealous of.


It seems now they are getting more organized and taking photos of anyone who shows up to stand against them at their protests.  They are tracking people on twitter and FB that are patriots, III%ers and “Trumpers” as they put it.

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They then claim they are tracking down intel on these people and creating a database that they share with all their members.  Their latest instructions to their members, is to put sharp objects in dog treats and feed them to their “enemies” pets.


They want to kill our dogs because they believe it will break us and drop us to our knees and then they will stomp us down.  Truth bomb incoming:  Someone targets my dogs and they will bring out the warfighter with a hardened mentality that shows 0 mercy that desires to make the green grass grow.


What in the hell is wrong with these pathetic air breathers?  Not only do they protest their own country, flag and President, they desire sharia law and Islam to spread across the USA.

AntiFa (so-called “Anti-Fascist”), likes to bill themselves as social justice warriors against racism, bigotry, gentrification, homophobia, sexism, and Islamophobia, to name just a few. These individuals believe themselves to be the social justice warrior group, clashing with the alleged racists on the right. How do they do this? By any means necessary apparently.

AntiFa is governed by a Marxist ideology. Marxism seeks to control speech among other things. Under Marxism, everyone must think and act alike. There is no room for dissent. The group pretty much admits it on their flyer from the National AntiFa Front. Notice the first line which says, “The evil white race must be destroyed!” Immediately under that reads the line, “The white racist and their Heeb masters must be purged from the face of the earth!” “Heeb” means “Hebrew/Jewish.”

AntiFa are essentially mentally challenged thugs, who use force to silence anyone who does not share their views. Much like Hitler’s Brown Shirts, they endeavor to harass, intimidate, threaten, and assault those views held by opposition. In reality, law enforcement needs to charge them under the domestic terrorist laws.

AntiFa wants – as their flyer states – to “purge” those who oppose them and their beliefs. What does purge mean? It can’t mean anything other than eradicating or killing. In essence then, AntiFa is calling for a war against all people who do not believe as they believe. Anyone who does not share their Marxist views should be eliminated (according to them) including all of our dogs.

Antifa has realized they keep losing every protest they show to and have been instructing members to obtain firearms and begin training.

“Wear it proudly to proclaim your allegiance to the anti-fascist cause while you beat Trump supporters to a bloody pulp with your very own Antifa United™ baseball bat!”

These mentally challenged snowflakes want to beat you and your loved ones with a bat until your bloody and dead as well as kill your dogs.   Let that sink in…

When will we finally be done being threatened?  Why must we tolerate these threats and threats to our loved ones and now our family pets?  Is it finally time to stand up against Hillary Clinton’s resistance groups?

We suffer, what we tolerate.

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