Islamic group once tied to terror trial received thousands in farm subsidies, without growing crops

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This story falls under the category of “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAN POSSIBLY BE TRUE!” Sadly, it is….

An Islamic organization once listed by the Justice Department as a co-conspirator in a high-profile terror case is among many groups that have received thousands in federal farm subsidies, without producing any crops.

According to the USDA and, about half of NAIT’s subsidies were “Direct Payments,” a program which costs taxpayers an annual $5 billion. By 2011, the North America Islamic Trust began obtaining subsidies under the auspice that it is a “church, charity, or non-profit organization.”

egyptmuslThe subsidies to the North American Islamic Trust are just a slice of the questionable payments that, as has been well documented, go to millionaires and non-farmers every year. But as Congress moves to rein in the program, these subsidies stand out considering the group’s involvement in the Holy Land Foundation case of 2008. During the trial, the group’s farm subsidies stopped, only to be reinstated after a federal judge cleared them.

Records show that since 1998, the North American Islamic Trust has received over $10,000 across 34 separate taxpayer-funded programs. NAIT’s two relatively small land plots are tax-zoned as “agricultural” — but they aren’t developed.

The group has been able to obtain farm subsidies legally without producing any crops because it is a nonprofit “charity group” landowner — so it received subsidies on top of being tax-exempt.

“Organizations with no history in agriculture are getting in on taxpayer-provided farm subsidies,” said Adam Andrzejewski, founder of the transparency database and former Republican candidate for governor of Illinois.

He said the NAIT’s subsidies are “probably legal,” adding: “The federal farm bill has become so large that it has nothing to do with ‘preserving the family farm’ or ‘creating a stable food supply’.”

Every farm subsidy to the North American Islamic Trust has been received at the mailing address of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri Mosque, records show. The USDA lists the “farm location” as Boone County, Mo. But aerial searches of the “agricultural” properties owned by the North American Islamic Trust reveal that the plots are undeveloped, tree-dotted land combined to form just over 100 acres valued at about $59,000.

The North American Islamic Trust and the Islamic Center of Central Missouri did not reply to multiple requests for comment.

From The Clarion Project: NAIT holds the titles of over 325 properties in 42 states. The organization also holds the deeds for about one-fourth of the mosques in the U.S.

NAIT is closely linked to other Muslim Brotherhood-linked entities. It was founded in Indiana by the Muslim Students Association and is today a “constituent organization” of the Islamic Society of North America

Declassified FBI memos dated 1987-1988 show that agency investigators identified NAIT as a foreign-financed Muslim Brotherhood front. One memo states: “As reported above by [name redacted] the IIIT [International Institute of Islamic Thought], NAIT, ISNA and various other Muslim organizations under the direction and control of the IKHWAN[Muslim Brotherhood] in the United States has as its ultimate goal political control of all non-Islamic governments in the world.”

The same FBI memo cites a source that has traveled worldwide on orders of NAIT, ISNA and the International Institute of Islamic Thought. He is “convinced that this organization has a secret agenda which includes the spread of the Islamic Revolution to all non-Islamic governments in the world which does include the United States.” He said that “the entire organization is structured, controlled and funded by followers and supporters  of the Islamic Revolution as advocated by the founders” of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.



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