BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Issues DIRE Warning To Americans- You NEED To Hear This

As a nation we have witnessed the mainstream media working with the the radical left Marxist administration to manipulate people over COVID, masks, lock downs, social distancing, our southern border, the infrastructure Marxist bill, critical race theory and the list goes on.

We have witnessed our society turn on one another, with one side throwing freedom and rights away out of fear and the other refusing to drink the lies and bullshit.  Our society is very divided right now and those who refuse to become “woke” sheep and take a knee have become silent.

This must change, people must STAND-UP & SPEAK OUT against the tyranny!

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.” ~ John Adams

Breitbart News reports that Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson warned that America is becoming a “soviet society” prioritizing conformity and obedience to government over freedom of behavior and thought.

(You can listen to the interview below.)

“I do think, marginally, people can be more brave and more honest just in their personal lives,” Carlson remarked on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “There’s no reason to sit at a dinner party and be browbeaten by somebody and not pipe up. You don’t have to argue, but you can quietly speak your conscience in public.”

He continued, “The society has become so incredibly conformist. I see it in my kids and their friends. My kids don’t agree with a lot of this crap, but the spirit of the age is, ‘Well, I don’t really want to step outside the herd.’ We don’t celebrate mavericks at all. … It’s such a soviet society, now. What we celebrate is team joiners. ‘Oh, look, this guy got the vaccine. He’s a hero. He took his medicine.’ It’s insane.”

A culture of conformity praises compliance while condemning dissidence, Carlson stated. He said dissidents rejecting corporate and government immorality in the vein of Rosa Parks are persecuted in the modern era.

“When I was a kid, even the left was always telling us about … Rosa Parks,” Carlson recalled. “There was a political agenda in telling us about Rosa Parks, but on the other hand, Rosa Parks was pretty great. Good for Rosa Parks. She didn’t want to sit in the back, and one day, she decided not to, and she was a hero.”

He stated, “The saddest realization that I’ve made in the last couple years is that propaganda works. Look at the polling. You can tell people almost anything, and some percentage of them will be like, ‘Yeah, I saw it on NBC News,’ and of course that’s why they do it, but if you thought this was a really independent-minded country with a bunch of flinty mavericks in it, it’s kind of distressing to see that.”

It was around 2 months ago that Putin told the world that America, under the current Marxist regime has become the new cold war Russia:

America has lost her identity and Americans have lost their grit and fortitude to do the right thing, whatever the cost.  Some speculate that the draconian witch hunts from an out of control administration has pushed those who refuse to bend the knee into the shadows.

Breitbart continued, Marlow linked corporate and government coercion regarding vaccines for COVID-19 in the context of conformity.

“It is amazing how the same people who were frontline heroes last summer, if they don’t want the vaccine now, they literally get fired,” he said. “We’re now talking about basic constitutional rights that we’re going to get denied because we don’t take a product and inject ourselves with it — that’s not been FDA approved — by a big pharmaceutical company. We should just change all our coins to, ‘In Pfizer We Trust,’ or ‘In Moderna We Trust,’ so then we can get our privileges back.”

Public compliance with corporate, governmental, and media coercion fuels increasing abuses from an increasingly centralized oligarchy, Carlson noted.

“It’s so crazy. It can only continue if we allow it to,” he held. “One of the phrases one never hears anymore that was a feature of my childhood was ‘civil disobedience,’ which was the act of following your conscience in a non-violent, respectful, but firm way. I’m not doing that. I’m not playing along. I’m not going to abet my own destruction.”

He continued, “I feel like a lot more people could do that, and if they did, this shit would end today, because it takes our complicity to continue. Let’s just be honest, we’re implicated in this.”

Carlson linked left-wing undermining of masculinity and men to the broader phenomenon of growing totalitarianism.

“Where are the men?” Carlson asked. “There’s been a massive decline in testosterone levels. I think that’s a huge part of what we’re seeing right now. That accounts for a lot of the cowardice. I’m just being as honest as I can be.”

Carlson said courage is needed to reject orthodoxies imposed by abusive governments and corporations while praising the Murdoch family — owners of News Corp, the parent company of Fox News — for affording him editorial freedom on his primetime show.

“An awful lot of people just feel like they can’t,” he lamented. “There’s too much at stake for them, and that increases the moral obligation I feel as someone — who just purely by good luck, had nothing to do with any decisions I made — just wound up getting the show on this channel, where the owners are going to stand by us.”

He added, “Even if all of our advertisers quit, even if the Washington Post or the New York Times, the Atlantic and the Daily Beast every single day [say], ‘Fire him. He’s a white supremacist,’ [the Murdochs] don’t care. So I just have this incredible good fortune to be at a place where I can live like it’s 1985, like the country was still free, and say what I think.”

You can listen here:

Silent complicity is just as guilty as the sheep on their knees.

It is far easier said than done, especially when in today’s society a person can lose their job, lose their home and lose their freedoms if they speak out against the current regime that has infected our nation.

People are so lost in the indoctrination that they demand others fall to their knees and join the herd regardless of evidence and facts that prove just how the herd mentality is for our nation.

Stay true to yourself and man or woman, stand strong with integrity, honor, valor, humility, selflessness and unite one another.  When one becomes two, it can start the domino affect and you could very well find yourself with like minded people!

Welcome to full blown Marxism…



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God Bless.

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