It’s Coming Any Day Now…Be PREPARED


The world has seen how weak Biden is and basically have no fear to engage in wars.

We are seeing that in Ukraine.

Russia doesn’t fear Biden like they did when Trump was president and as a result the Ukrainian people are getting killed and their cities destroyed.

U.S. taxpayers are paying BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to assist Ukraine with no end in sight.

The way things are looking the U.S. taxpayers will soon be looking at footing the bill for someone else’s war.


Now if China goes to war with Taiwan we will be spending BILLIONS more.

The freaking RIGGED 2020 Presidential election has cost us TRILLIONS of dollars and it’s only going to get worse.


Deep State Rabbit Hole reports that China is speeding up the Taiwan “re-unification” timeline and Antony Blinken just stands there stunned.

Blinken is absolutely worthless as in the entire Biden administration.

Our so-called Secretary of State can see Xi Jinping is advancing his plans but continues to think we have “years” to come up with a response.

In Asia, they’re asking for someone to please slap him hard enough to wake him up, because they see war coming any day.

Taiwan up for grabs

Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping appears to have cemented his power in the party enough to grab an “unprecedented” third term. It looks all but official and the CCP should have the COMMIE Pooh Bear rubber stamped into holding his honey pot.

He had a lot to say about Taiwan in his speeches. The “wheels of history are rolling toward China’s reunification,” he promised.

Blinky, who is an incompetent moron should see that something’s up.

He still thinks this is the same old thing they have been dealing with for years.

He wants everyone to think he has it under control and there is absolutely no sense of urgency to respond.

I’m not convinced that he is up to the task of doing anything frankly.

How in the hell are we going to respond?

Our military is depleted and care more about being woke than they are about being freaking WARRIORS.

As we reported our military has been rated as ‘WEAK’ for the first time with the exception of the Marines and our nuclear capabilities.

Our military is suffering from “poorly defined priorities,” “wildly shifting security policies,” “exceedingly poor discipline in program execution” and “a profound lack of seriousness across the national security establishment.”

The only branch rated “strong” was the Marine Corps.

The Army was rated “marginal.”

The Navy and Space Force weak, and the “Air Force as very weak.”


“There has been a change in the approach from Beijing toward Taiwan in recent years,” Blinken claimed. Things changed a whole lot more in recent weeks. Ever since Nancy Pelosi ignored the no trespassing signs and went there to dangle democracy in front of them.”

Blinky does admit that things are getting a little tense over Taiwan back at his office. “China may be willing to use coercive means,” he notes, calling that a prospect that is “creating tremendous tensions.”

Ya think?

Not tense enough to actually consider backing down or anything though. Blinken and his buddies at the Pentagon seem to be itching to pull the nuclear trigger.


Biden broke the deal

The way China sees it, Joe Biden broke the deal by violating the spirit of the “One China” doctrine. U.S. interests have been teasing Taiwan with hope for democracy and Nancy Pelosi was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Xi clearly warned not to let her visit or there would have to be consequences. She went there.

It’s the exact same thing as if a ranking Communist Party leader touched down in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and started passing out weapons capable of hitting Miami. Along with copies of “Selected Works of Mao Zedong.”

On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin was livid. “The U.S. has time and again broken its word.” Washington had “substantially relaxed restrictions on official interactions” with the self-governing island.

He was clearly talking about Pelosi and the copycat lawmakers who went on a similar junket since then. “Resolving the Taiwan question is a matter for the Chinese,” Wenbin warned.

Joe Biden threw gasoline on the fire by practically daring Xi Jinping to go ahead and send the tanks, ships and planes to Taiwan. On Sunday, Xi hinted he may not stop there. This could be the time to prove that long dead Greek general right. A guy named Thucydides noted that “when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling one, the most likely outcome is war.”

It happened 12 out of 16 times where it could have happened since then and looks like that’s about to become 13/17. He talked in his speech about China’s “great rejuvenation.” That is “Xi’s vision of putting the nation at the center of global affairs.” He sees it as an “irreversible historical process.” Possibly a catastrophic radioactive one.


It’s just a matter of time.



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God Bless.

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