JADE HELM ALERT: Turkish MISSILE LAUNCHERS Discovered In Texas Backwoods… [WATCH]



JADE HELM 15 – A Texas man was driving along U.S. route 57 and made an alarming discovery! Stashed away in the backwoods he stumbled upon what have been identified as Turkish M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems!

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We now have a confirmation on what the military equipment spotted in Texas Is. It Turns Out, They are M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems that have seen action in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Other War Fronts. The question now is, Who do they belong to and what do they plan to do with them.



YouTube videos via DAHBOO777


With the alternative media and specifically All News Pipeline yesterday under organized attack by an entire army of trolls attempting to discredit anything Jade Helm and lull the American people back to sleep, Facebook’s Scott Hoyt has shared the following video below that should put an end to the thought that ‘there’s nothing going on down there in Texas’. Sharing right off the bat that he’s not a conspiracy theorist, Hoyt tells us that seeing whatever this is is simply “one of those things that will make you go hmmmmm……”


YouTube video via RTR TRUTH MEDIA™ tomlacovara


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  1. George Williams says:

    Nothing nefarious here. More than likely they are foreign military sales equipment stored at Red River Army Depot prior to transport to Turkey, or other nation. I could say more but I might be saying too much.

    • George Williams says:

      Red River Army Depot is in Texarkana, TX. It’s the Army’s maintenance facility for the M270 system. Turkey, or any other country that we’ve sold that system to would have modifications made there. This is not a secret, so I have not compromised any government activity. Do your own google on the internet Search on M270, MLRS, maintenance, Red River Army Depot.

  2. Larry Curtis says:

    Instead of stirring up a bunch of bull with your speculations, maybe you should read-up on the Red River Army Depot and what their mission is exactly. The only thing you have confirmed here is that there are a bunch of “gutted” M270s stacked in the woods at Red River Army Depot…which means they are probably awaiting transport to the bone yard for recycling, or maybe some other nation has purchased them from us and they are awaiting shipment. Look, guys, I’m a conservative and retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4), and I am as concerned about the potential of martial law as anyone else, but what I’ve been seeing posted relating to Operation Jade Helm (and quite sadly by conservative websites) has been nothing short of a bunch of hyperbole based upon speculation and presumption by people who don’t know dick about anything. We would be better off utilizing our time in making preparations to defend ourselves (ie, buying more ammo, etc.) and trying to keep people as calm as possible instead of prognosticating over such bullshit as this. I live near one of the closed Walmart stores in Texas and last week there was a few photos posted by some website with the headline that “HUMVEEs Delivered To Texas Walmart”…and it was 3 raggedly-looking HUMVEES (whose paint didn’t even match) on a flatbed trailer of a truck that passed through the area. I have been to that Walmart TWICE and poked around and there is NO…NONE…military equipment at that location ANYWHERE! What are you going to do with HUMVEEs anyways? Where are the troops? Where are the amored APCs? Where are the Tanks? There is NOTHING to be so hyped-up about, especially over this thing about the M270s stacked in the woods and gutted at Red River Army Depot. GET WITH THE DAMN PROGRAM AND GET SMART FOR A CHANGE! You guys are making yourselves look like freakin idiots.

    • George Williams says:

      They may be there for cannibalization of parts. They look in rather good shape. Look at the tracks. If there for recapitalization they in an unusually good condition. No wear on the MLRS pod trainers at all. I’d expect rust, as the can covers are badly prone to that. I once worked in FMS and was involved with a sale to South Korea. RRAD was and is the place to go for FMS maintenance and mods.

      • Larry Curtis says:

        Good reasoning there, George and points taken. But before these things could be utilized they would each require an enormous amount of maintenance. For one thing, these baby’s require some very high-dollar targeting systems and computers to operate and you can rest assured that that equipment is not left sitting unattended by the side of a highway where dubious people in the know could get to it, rip it off, and sell it for big money somewhere else. Operation Jade Helm is scheduled to begin on July 15th…that is only 2 months away, and if these things were going to be utilized in some sort of hostile action in this exercise, they would all be inside a garage getting their guts placed back in them instead of sitting on the roadside like this. Thank you for your level-headed and logical response, and for not attempting to assault my family lineage and insult my intelligence. I guess Kurt Ballard has a special license to do that sort of shit because I think he’s a self-appointed troll monitor or something.

    • Ballard Kurt says:

      I get the feeling you’re a troll Larry Curtis.. Because if you were a military man the last thing you would say would be.

      “We would be better off utilizing our time in making preparations to defend ourselves (ie, buying more ammo, etc.)”

      Anyone with half a brain by God better know, time for prepping and buying ammo has long since expired.. And anyone with a Neanderthals brain, best know that if we don’t take the fight to them first, but instead think we’re gonna hold up at home.. Now you can add dead to You ‘re dumb f$$k.. Only Rats shit in their own beds.. Hence.. Take the fight away from your backyard, your family.. Offense is where one want’s to be in battle, if one does choose to play defense, all I gotta say is that booby trap you’re setting best go BIG BOOM.. I want everyone to stop and think about what he says we should do..

      “We would be better off utilizing our time in making preparations to defend ourselves (ie, buying more ammo, etc.) and trying to keep people as calm as possible instead of prognosticating over such bullshit as this. ”

      This is some odd shit for a military man to say.. No I ain’t paranoid.. THINK ABOUT IT !! All of you boys best quit second guessing yourselves, every last one of us knows what’s coming down.. Quit lying to yourselves, we know what has to be done.. Don’t be afraid, be terrified of doing nothing.. Together we won’t lose, we just gotta get a couple million of us on the same page.. Recruit everyone you can, make em commit.. I can’t say it enough, we all know what has to be done.. So lets do it..

      • Larry Curtis says:

        You are so full of crap Kurt it isn’t even funny. Are you REALLY this paranoid? I’m not second-guessing anything, I am digesting information and comparing it with what I see happening up to this point WITH MY OWN EYES IN REAL TIME and ON LOCATION. Think about this for a moment…so far all we have seen from our conservative brothers regarding information related to JH-15 has been based upon photos either sent to the website by someone else, or by snagging them from another site. The man who shot the first roadside video on this page is a personal friend of mine, Scott Hoyt, whom I had just visited with only a day before he put his video up on Facebook…and I can assure you that HE did not submit it to this site. And so my question is this…who from ANY of these sites who are making these absurd accusations have actually been “ON THE GROUND” at these locations and have actually observed these so-called activities with their own eyes and then have posted a detailed and comprehensive report? I dare say that NONE of them have. And you have the fuckin’ balls to call ME a TROLL???? WTF, over? At least I have half a brain, you obviously have been dealt a short-suited hand, my friend. Furthermore, I want you to carefully study everything I have written here and point out where I said that the prospects of the implementation of Martial Law is unfounded? I have NEVER said that and I am also concerned about it as well. But the bottom line here is that the information we have been getting from what I had previously considered reliable sources has turned into hyperbole over NOTHING. When I see a story posted about “Attack Helicopters Observed Landing At Close Walmart Location” with an associated photograph of a flight of 6 RUSSIAN Mi-24s…well…that, my friend is complete BULLSHIT. Don’t you think that IF that had really happened that there would be iPhone videos going viral all over the internet and on these websites with all of the JH-15 discussion? I have seen NONE. I live near to the Walmart store in Livingston, TX where the group of photos of the flatbed with 3 whole beat-up HUMVEEs on the trailer with the headline, “HUMVEEs DELIVERED TO CLOSED WALMART IN LIVINGSTON, TX” I have been there TWICE and poked around looking in windows, including the automotive department where vehicles could be stashed out of sight, and have driven all around the building, and there is NOTHING MILITARY ON THE PREMISIS. So this so-called delivery was a hoax…perhaps unintended, but it was wrong nonetheless. I will be watching this location frequently as time goes by so rest assured I’m on it. And if you think you can never have too much ammo or be too organized with supplies, such as food, water, and networks of people, you are about as smart as a box of bricks. Preparations are NEVER complete you dumbass. Yes I’m a military man and I have had shots fired at me, including surface to air missiles, and I have soiled my pants once or twice in the midst of it…it is a horrible feeling which I hope I never have to experience again…particularly the sound of rounds cracking past my head and mortar rounds going off around 20 meters from where I sit. Just what experience do YOU have in this regard, Mister Troll-Monitoring Civilian? The M270s in this video have been “GUTTED” of anything worthwhile, you can tell it by looking at them for one thing, and for another they are not going to leave them sitting beside a highway unattended like that if they weren’t gutted, either. I would wager a bet that many of them probably wouldn’t start without a great deal of effort and before they could ever be considered operational again they would require extensive maintenance. Exactly how much experience do YOU have on the M270, Kurt?

        Ok enough of that…this is my position. I’m going to call BULLSHIT on anything which appears as such regardless of whether it is left-wing BS or right-wing BS. I’m a right-winger and a conservative, and I WANT THE CURRENT REGIME AND ANY ASSEMBLANCE OF IT VOTED OUT in 2016. If we continue to propagate useless bullshit on conservative websites which will ultimately make us look like idiots, we don’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of supplanting the current regime in DC with one which better represents our ideals. And therefore I will be especially hard on conservative sites which are propagating what seems to me bullshit information…and this story is just that because you guys who are all tied-up in knots about it have been hornswaggled by it, and that pisses me off all the more. We need all the help we can get, and this shit isn’t helping one little bit.

    • A Big Thank You Larry……a I am one of those people reading all this @$₩!#…..and getting more worried until I see people like you ….setting them straight…..God Bless you

      • Larry Curtis says:

        Thank you, Deborah. At this stage of the game, we don’t have time for any nonsense like this, nor should we be tolerating it. I will probably end up getting blocked from this website before it is over because I’m sure those who administrate it are going to be quite irritated with me over what I’ve said here. But I don’t care…we don’t need this…we need integrity and honesty. There is already enough to be concerned about without stuff like this becoming a distraction.

    • Susan Asbury McKenzie says:

      New at this but am concerned/interested in what’s REAL. If you don’t feel that this equipment is/will be used for something sinister….you said you were “concerned about the potential of martial law as anyone else”….what is it that you know/see that makes YOU concerned? Again, this is not sarcasm, I want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thanks!

      • Larry Curtis says:

        Hi Susan. You pose a very good question which I can only answer with that all I know is that the events I’ve read about from my own area regarding JH-15 have proven to be mostly fabricated out of paranoia. It’s like it’s not so much that I know what IS true, but more of what I know which ISN’T true…follow me? Having served a full career in the Army, I know a few things which, when applied along with some good common sense, will separate the wheat from the chaff in most cases. The vehicles in this video are “gutted” and would require some extensive time in the maintenance bay to become fully operational again. When these things are fully equipped, they are not parked alongside a busy highway unattended with only a barbed-wire fence blocking access to them. They are parked in a secured area with guards posted. With the start of the exercise only 2 months away, if these vehicles WERE going to be used, they would not be sitting where they are currently…they would be in the maintenance bay getting their guts re-installed. And with that number of vehicles, 2 months may not even be long enough to have them prepared in time. Understand? These things use a very expensive and highly-sophisticated targeting computer system, and if that was installed in them now, they wouldn’t leave them unattended like this. But your average Joe doesn’t realize this and so it is difficult for them to connect all of the dots. I’m sure that now that this has gone viral there will be people watching these things closely from here on. And if anything changes we should be hearing about it. But as long as they are sitting there, this is a non-issue for the time being.

    • seem’s to me that since info on “jade helm” broke that most of we have seen posted on the internet and new’s is really just disinformation, makes you wonder who really is operating a lot of these sites putting this stuff out there as there seem’s to be no real vetting of information that is posted which only make’s people who are really concerned look like conspiracy nut jobs ………..

      • Larry Curtis says:

        Exactly…and we don’t need this shit in our camp, either. Jade Helm hasn’t even started yet, it’s 2 months away, and people are already making outlandish assumptions and spinning untruthful yarns about what is going on. I am on top of the situation in my own area and so far anything that has been published about it here has been complete rubbish. The guy who shot the roadside video…the “Texas Man Who Discovered The Rocket Launchers”…is a good personal friend of mine and doesn’t even live in Texas. He was on his way home to Tennessee from where I live on the Northeast side of Houston (we had visited the day prior to his video) and passed through Texarkana along the way and shot the video when he saw the MLRS vehicles alongside the highway. He did NOT consciously contribute to this article, he posted his video to his Facebook account and it has been going absolutely viral.

    • TangoCharlie says:

      Thank you Larry.
      Please notice “INERT”

    • nonstopca says:

      BOY… aren’t all of us so lucky to have someone like YOU, to tell us all how stupid we are….Just why the hell would I believe anything you have to say? So YOU think we have nothing to worry about, coming from our government, I… for one don’t happen to feel as safe, as you do, so you just go ahead and put all your trust in this LAWLESS administration…but as for me I will keep a very nerves eye on things like Jada Helm 15…until HE’S out of office.

      • Larry Curtis says:

        Please show me where I say we have nothing to worry about? I think we have plenty to worry about, but we do not need to complicate it with stupid, useless, and untruthful information which makes conservative patriots look stupid. You don’t have to believe a word of what I say, that is your choice. Just keep fretting yourself right into massive ulcers as far as I’m concerned. There is no vetted information here, it’s all a collection of speculations with no real journalistic endeavor involved. If you actually read what I’ve posted you would realize that I DO have concerns about dubious government activities and I am constantly making plans for it…but we do not need any really stupid distractions like this. And yea, you ARE lucky to have someone in your midst who can tell a pile of cow shit from road apples…the choice is totally yours to accept it or not. Just don’t get between me and my target when the shit hits the fan and you’ll be ok.

  3. For anybody that wants to see this spot on google earth here are the coordinates 33°24’20.44″N, 94° 9’33.47″W you can see the building at the 50 second mark in the movie. The site looks like it normally houses construction equipment.

    • Larry Curtis says:

      The heart of the Red River Army Depot is a little bit northwest from those coordinates if you have a look. And from the looks of things, at the time the satellite photo was made, the RRAD yard was pretty full, which is probably why those MLRS’s are sitting out there in the woods nearby. Thanks for sharing those coordinates.

  4. Thomas Mandell says:

    Jesus Christ on a crutch, Have you jackasses at American Freedom Fighters ever heard of Red River Army Depot? It’s like you don’t even research before you post stuff that makes you look like you went full radish.

    • Larry Curtis says:

      Amen Thomas. And I was just accused of being a Troll for voicing something along those same lines. It is beyond time for us conservatives to start holding our so-called conservative websites accountable for publishing bullshit or we will end up with Hilary as president…and God only knows who else she will bring along to continue to destroy our country.

      • Lee Bates says:

        Larry, there is some guy on a Youtube video arguing about what will happen to inmates during a SHTF or Martial law incident, he had been advised by reputable sources in the Military that they will all be put down w/ 1 bullet. The funny thing is I spent 27 years of my life, being a Marine, a Cop, a PMC contractor in Iraq and I’ve never heard such a plan. My wife is a C/O, several of my friends are Cops, Military and Contractors, they’ve not heard of such a thing. In my 27 years I worked special units that require clearances, I am sure I would have come across this grand scheme. These idiots pass this stuff around and get worked up over it when there is real shit going on to be absolutely concerned over. I guess I get to be a troll w/ you since I refuse to jump on these idiotic bandwagons. Stay safe

        • Larry Curtis says:

          Hi Lee, and thank you for your service, ALL of it. Semper Fi, too! 😉 One thought that has been looming in the back of my own mind regarding this issue of martial law is that of all of the great people I’ve ever served with (whose kids are now serving as well by the way) I cannot think of one person who would take part in something like this. They would go over the fence first…and when you think about that, it would be really nice to have some more well-trained people on the anti-government side and hopefully they will manage to abscond with some really great toys to bring along with them, if you know what I mean. LOL. I don’t exactly think we are out of the woods regarding martial law, but there is just so much being made of it which is so completely off the wall that it is incredible. I hope and pray that day never comes, but when it does, I want a Marine in my foxhole with me. Death smiles at everyone, but Marines smile back at it. HOOOAAAHHH!

  5. George Williams says:

    There appear to be two separate groups here. One set is in the weeds, which means that are probably sitting there as scrap or to be cannibalized and another, which is to be modified. Those with the training rocket pods (seen in the rear) are probably to be re-capitalized. Perhaps the pods are there to test the M270 as uploaded on a test track.

  6. Kurt Hargarten says:

    My guess is if they didn’t want anyone to see this, they would have done a MUCH better job of hiding them.

    • Larry Curtis says:

      Nor would they leave them unattended by the side of a highway unless they had been gutted because the targeting systems, computers, etc., which are required in them are very costly and there ARE people out there in the world who know it and wouldn’t hesitate for one second with the opportunity to steal it and sell it to someone for good money.

  7. you are un-American as north korea. this article is garbage.
    we are the ones who’ve taken an oath to uphold the constitution, we are the ones who answered the call when the talibans attacked NYC. where were you? where are you now besides stirring up this poop storm of divisiveness?
    we are the best in the world at what we do, but oh hey don’t practice what you do cuz old poop-pot stirrer over here will think we’re coming to get his guns. F-you you retard!!! we all have guns too 99 percent of us have concealed carry. you think we’re gonna turn in our guns before we come get yours? you’re an idiot. get a real job you friggin welfare case sponge liberal democrat bloodsucker hillary clinton loving hippie!!!!

  8. Gregg Kroodsma says:

    China bought them to bury next to their 8000 terra cotta man army for the use in the afterlife.

  9. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    Let’s all close our eyes and stick our fingers in our ears in case of factual material. Now run around like a headless chicken screaming the paranoid conservative song:


    I’m wondering what the paranoid fringe will do when this military exercise ends without any of the dire predictions coming true. Will they claim the government backed down? Take credit for the peaceful ending of the exercise? Or will they come up with a new timetable for the military takeover of America.

    This writer, (I refuse to call him a reporter), consistently omits facts and inserts unsubstantiated material. He yells about liberal bias. Suggest he check the mirror. His slant is no less biased than mainstream media.

  10. Stopped in to see what all the fuss is about…read a few comments…..and realized same as on every other site ….SNAFU. LOL!

  11. Anthony Mouse says:

    Would you like to know why the Government will never ever try to take the U.S. with force of arms? The Barret 50. caliber semi automatic sniper rifle.

  12. Do you guys know how stupid you look?

  13. Don Abbott says:

    Maybe just preparing for the ISIS threat to come across the border. Just sayin.

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