BOOM! James Woods Gets EPIC Revenge After Hillary Staffer Makes OUTRAGEOUS Accusation


One of the few conservatives in Hollywood, James Woods, doesn’t take too kindly to slanderous statements being made about him, which one former staffer for Hillary Clinton learned the hard way.

Woods, who’s an outspoken critic of all things liberal, tangled with a member from Hillary’s 2008 campaign named Jesse Berney after Woods clarified that using government to force charity is actually socialism. Naturally, Berney took exception to the remark, but rather than debate Woods over the content of his comment, Berney went straight to an ad hominem attack, and the way things turned out was glorious.


The interaction started with Woods tweeting:

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“Actually being “given” something is charity. Being forced by government to give something is socialism. #FactsAreFriendly


The tweet from Woods triggered the leftist, so he immediately went after the actor and called him a cocaine addict.

“LOL including this random Twitter cocaine addict”



For those unaware, Woods previously had someone make a slanderous accusation against him, so he fired up the phone and got his lawyer on it immediately. Suffice it to say, he ended up winning in the end.

At the time, he stated “Learn this. Libel me, I’ll sue you. If you die, I’ll follow you to the bowels of Hell. Get it?” in reference to the death of the man he sued over the libelous claim.

Apparently, Woods still seems willing to defend his good name at all costs, which makes for great entertainment for the rest of us.

“Would you be kind enough to repeat that allegation again as a statement of fact?”

Berney backpedaled slightly, but didn’t retract his comment.

“I’m not saying you’re a coke addict, just there must be some reason that poor 19 year old dated you, and it wasn’t looks or personality.”


Berney’s comment enraged Woods, who went straight for the jugular.

“Why don’t you have the balls to say it as a statement of fact, you wimp? Then get a lawyer and I will sue you for libel. Man up or shut up.”

“Is it amusing to you to libel a person’s reputation? I recently accepted a favorable settlement from the last person who thought so.”

Then came the knockout blow:

“I have just gotten off the phone with Michael Weinsten of Lavely & Singer. I’m suing you, you worthless piece of shit. Get an attorney.”

Wow. James Woods is not someone you want to upset.

Oh, and for the record, he’s well within his rights to be mad. This Berney character has been defaming him as a coke addict for quite some time, so it appears as if Woods has finally had enough.

“Who told James about our secret plan to ban Christmas? Those fucking Starbucks cups gave everything away. lol just kidding, I know who told him (it was a giant bag of cocaine)”


@RealJamesWoods cocaine is a helluva drug”


Also, like a typical leftist, Berney accused Woods of being a white supremacist.

“Hahaha James Woods is openly white supremacist now.”


This guy also isn’t the brightest bulb on the strand, as he fully acknowledged in 2015 that Woods successfully sued someone for calling him a cocaine addict, yet he chooses to persist in calling Woods a cocaine addict.

I guess you really can’t fix stupid, eh?

Give ‘em hell, James!

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