Conservative actor and Jedi Master Twitter troll James Woods once again took to social media to obliterate a leftist, and boy was it ever glorious.

Woods, who’s never been shy about his conservative beliefs and has a genius-level IQ, used both to launch a double-barreled attack on leftist “comedienne” Chelsea Handler, and boy did he annihilate her with one tweet. Handler, who’s been a critic of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, once again attacked her over the weekend, which came after she unleashed a brutal attack calling Sanders a “harlot” and a “trollop.”


Woods wasn’t about to let that stand. In an absolutely vicious tweet, he posted a video of Handler swimming in a lake next to a boat, then letting a man literally urinate all over her face.

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Woods questioned how Handler could attack the character of Sanders after letting a man pee all over her face, and he was right to do so.


Check it out:

“This person berates the character of @SarahHuckabee on a daily basis. #ChelseaHandlerHumanUrinal


That’s going to leave a big mark.

Here’s a portion of our previous report on Handler’s attacks against Sanders:

Handler was speaking with Lanny Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton, during an episode titled “Dinner Party: Scandalous,” when she launched into a sexist tirade that would make even the biggest misogynist blush. Davis mentioned “alternative facts,” then said “When somebody from the Trump White House stands at the lectern and tells us that black is white—”

That’s when Handler cut him off and added her fouled up two cents.

That harlot that they are dressing up and trolloping out every day? I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she’s got like 6-foot long eyelashes, and she’s got cleavage, and summer whore lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they’ve turned her into? A proper trollop.”

For those unaware, a “trollop” is an “immoral or promiscuous woman, especially a prostitute.”

Ironically, Handler was quoted as saying the following during the 2016 election while campaigning with Hillary Clinton:

“Find women that are different than you and figure out the things you have in common. We have a whole generation of girls who are looking at us to see how we treat each other. Let’s show them what the power of being a woman really looks like. Let’s open our arms to each other, and to them.”

Yeah. Sorry if we lack any sympathy for Handler after the manner in which she’s treated the press secretary.

As for how Handler felt about getting peed on?

The Daily Caller had this:

“I thought it was so funny that somebody would pee on someone’s face, that I was laughing so hard I couldn’t swim away,” Handler told US Weekly. “I was trapped. I was in a urinary Bermuda Triangle.”

“Listen, I can take one for the team. If somebody needs to get urinated on, I am happy to do that,” she said. “I don’t care about urine. Who gives a s—? Sorry, who cares? I was in the ocean! Do you know how many things are living in the ocean? It’s like a human toilet.”

What a wretched, nasty woman she is.

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