BREAKING: Jan 6 Committee BUSTED Covering Up…


Leave it to democrats to come up with the most insane garbage imaginable.

We have learned that the left has controlled BIG TECH and has squashed conservative content from being seen- they squashed the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal before the Presidential election for God’s sake!

Now the dems have the audacity to bitch about censorship!

You can’t make this up!


They found out all about the social media manipulation going on behind the scenes and didn’t think it was important enough to tell anyone.

At least, that’s their excuse for censoring the conservative censorship.

RINO Democrat in disguise Liz Cheney and the rest of the rabidly partisan inquisition out to frame Donald Trump for the events of January 6, 2021 didn’t want the scandal to interfere with their carefully crafted narrative.

Social media manipulation covered up

Adam Schiff and his cronies on the kangaroo court committee “spent months gathering stunning new details” on how social media companies operated. They’re quietly admitting it, after the fact. The platforms all “failed to address the online extremism and calls for violence that preceded the Capitol riot.”

Democrats out to lynch Donald Trump collected enough evidence to fill “a 122-page memo that was circulated among the committee.” Washington Post just got a peek at the draft version.

The social media influence memo was “circulated among the committee” but never saw the light of day. It would have given Trump supporters ammunition to use against them. They weren’t about to disrupt their official narrative with the truth.

“NEW: The Jan. 6 committee’s report omitted key findings about social media companies’ failures to address online extremism, amid fear of reprisals from Republicans and powerful tech companies.”

In the end, “committee leaders declined to delve into those topics in detail in their final report, reluctant to dig into the roots of domestic extremism taking hold in the Republican Party beyond former president Donald Trump and concerned about the risks of a public battle with powerful tech companies.” Especially when those tech companies were clearly in bed with the FBI and every other spooky acronym in the intelligence alphabet.

The Post also has three rats “familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the panel’s sensitive deliberations.”

They explain that social media platforms, especially Twitter, “failed to heed their own employees’ warnings about violent rhetoric on their platforms and bent their rules to avoid penalizing conservatives, particularly then-president Trump, out of fear of reprisals.” Reprisals like for violating First Amendment rights by censoring posts that aren’t violating any terms of service.

Fears of conservatives unfounded

Another big problem with their memo is that they focused on how the media platforms “enabled the mobilization of extremists on smaller sites and whipped up conservative grievance on larger, more mainstream ones.” After they came up with the accusations, the facts proved them wrong. “Little of the evidence supporting those findings surfaced.”

When they came up with their 845-page report they “focused almost exclusively on Trump’s actions that day and in the weeks just before.” Twitter and Facebook were left out of it.

Washington Post points out that their “focus on Trump meant the report missed an opportunity to hold social media companies accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, even though the platforms had been the subject of intense scrutiny since Trump’s first presidential campaign in 2016.”

“Jan. 6 committee failed to hold social media accountable for ignoring extremism: report”

The Post claims they didn’t make that up, their informants told them that.

“Confronting that evidence would have forced the committee to examine how conservative commentators helped amplify the Trump messaging that ultimately contributed to the Capitol attack, the people said — a course that some committee members considered both politically risky and inviting opposition from some of the world’s most powerful tech companies.”

Because they weren’t allowing conservative commentators to do that and censoring them into oblivion the whole time.

That and the fact that liberals were the ones not being censored.


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