Japan’s top government spokesman said Thursday that a North Korean threat to sink Japan with a nuclear bomb is “extremely provocative and outrageous.”


“The four islands of the Japanese archipelago should be sunken into the sea” by a nuclear bomb, the statement reads in part. It was distributed by the Korean Central News Agency, the state news service.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, responding to a reporter’s question about the North Korean dispatch, said the statement “significantly escalates tension in the region and is absolutely unacceptable.”

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On Monday, new sanctions were placed upon North Korea however, Russia and China ensured that the sanctions were watered down compared to what the US wanted.


A  statement from an organization called the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee attacked the United States for leading a push for stronger U.N. sanctions against North Korea, and railed against Japan for backing the U.S. campaign.


Pyongyang’s Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, which handles the North’s external ties and propaganda, also called for the breakup of the Security Council, which it called “a tool of evil” made up of “money-bribed” countries that move at the order of the United States.

When North Korea launched another ICBM over Japan on Friday, why didn’t Japan shoot it down?

Japan may have considered intercepting the missile faced two immediate constraints — the country’s missile defenses are limited, and the Constitution limits military action only to instances of self-defense.

The government quickly judged that the missile was not targeting Japan, and it landed in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,370 miles east of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, Fox News reported.

Any military action by the Trump administration against the North risks a retaliatory missile attack on Japan, where 54,000 American troops are based. On Friday, North Korea threatened to “sink” Japanese islands with nuclear weapons, adding that “Japan is no longer needed to exist near us.”

It is also unclear whether the pacifist Constitution allows Japan to shoot down a missile headed for the United States, much less initiate a pre-emptive attack on a missile on a launchpad in North Korea, as some in Japan believe it should be prepared to do.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has revived a discussion over whether to acquire cruise missiles — which can be fired from land, air or sea — that would provide them with strike capabilities against North Korea if it detected signs of an imminent attack.

The Japanese government ruled in 1956 that such a pre-emptive strike fell under its right of self-defense, but some lawmakers say deploying cruise missiles could cross a line and break with longstanding policy established after World War II to eschew offensive weapons. While the Japanese public is anxious about North Korea, it is torn about developing the nation’s military capabilities.

Japan has said it plans to equip and deploy more destroyers with the Aegis missile defense system. The Defense Ministry has also indicated it wants to acquire a land-based system, known as Aegis Ashore, which can intercept missiles above the atmosphere and above Thaad’s range.

As Japan struggles with it’s own military morals, North Korea continues to amp up their ICBM production as well as their nuclear warheads.

God Bless.

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