JEB BUSH. Pushing amnesty for a 2016 Presidential run

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Jeb Bush. Former Florida Governor, Implying that America needs the illegal influx of aliens into out NATION. 

Bush noted that

“Every member of the House leadership team has expressed commitment to move reform forward in 2014” and the “home stretch” is in sight.” Bush wrote a day before President Barack Obama on Friday said that comprehensive immigration reform had been his “biggest” goal in 2013. Obama said it was “frustrating” that he could not accomplish his biggest policy objective even though only three percent of Americans feel that immigration reform is the nation’s most important priority. 


Jeb Bush, is a Career politician with only one thing on his mind. POWER.   Mr. Bush thinks that he is privileged to a successful career Via his Father and Brother. Real Patriots know better. The American people will never vote for a sellout like this!

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