Jeff Sessions Needs To Get The HELL OUT- He’s Totally USELESS


The Trump administration ashed the legal marijuana industry’s budding flame Thursday, announcing it would end an Obama-era policy to tread lightly when enforcing federal cannabis laws, Fox News reports.


States that have legalized marijuana for recreational use — including Washington, Colorado and California – immediately cried foul.

California’s law, creating the world’s largest legal pot market, had just taken effect New Year’s Day.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement allows federal prosecutors to consider bringing marijuana cases, but falls short of ordering them to do so. Justice Department officials did not say whether pot shops and legal growers would be targeted.

Sessions’ move would remove the Ogden and Cole memos set forth by the Obama administration. The Ogden memo directed U.S. attorneys to take a hands-off approach in dealing with patients in compliance with medical marijuana systems. The Cole memo allowed states to legalize marijuana sales to adults.

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Washington, Colorado and California immediately stood up against AG Sessions after the announcement was made that he was going to shut down “legal” means to grow and use medical Marijuana.


Ok, let’s hit the blunt truth, Sessions is a deplorable idiot who has not accomplished anything worthy and he has brought an immense amount of shame to Alabama.

With all the issues the United States has, from the critically out-of-control opioids overdoses, growing MS-13 violence to sex trafficking.  These are just a few topics that should be at the top of the governments list to handle on our own soil.

The state of Washington stood their ground against Sessions: 

(Seattle TimesWashington state officials promised to defend the state’s marijuana laws, after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thursday rescinded Justice Department policies under President Obama that allowed state-sanctioned marijuana markets to sprout up across the country.

“We will use every single power at our disposal to preserve and protect the mission statement Washington State voters gave us,” said Gov. Jay Inslee, at a news conference at the state capitol, noting that voters approved the initiative legalizing marijuana in Washington state.

The state of Washington reports from their Treasury Department, show for the fiscal year of 2017, Washington state collected 218 Million USD in marijuana Taxes, which was 8 million more than they had projected.

The State of Colorado fired back at AG Sessions:

“I am prepared to take all steps necessary, including holding DOJ nominees, until the attorney general lives up to the commitment he made to me prior to his confirmation.” ~ U.S. Senator (R) Cory Gardner

Senator Gardner also went directly after AG Sessions by accusing Sessions treading on the voters of the state of Colorado and that AG Sessions contracted himself from his promises during his confirmation hearing.

The state of Colorado Treasury Department reported that Colorado Marijuana tx revenue for 2017 was just over 225 million USD.

As insane as California is with their gun and ammo laws of 2018, California just might be right on their stance of legal Marijuana:

In 2016 the state of California legalized Marijuana but did not legalize Marijuana shops to open their doors to the general public, until 2018.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

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