Jenner Causes Deadly Head On Car Crash… But THIS Is What He Calls The Scary Part (Video)


Bruce Jenner opened up about his involvement in a deadly car accident earlier this year with NBC’s Matt Lauer during a round of golf. Lol, Bruce Jenner golfing as a woman! What a mess that dude is!

As we previously reported, the transsexual Jenner crashed into 69-year-old Kim Howe on Pacific Coast Highway in California while reportedly texting on his cellphone. He’s looking at a year in jail- MEN’S JAIL LOL! He could be charged with a misdemeanor manslaughter charge if LA County prosecutors don’t cave to the liberals.

Jenner maintains his innocence saying he was obeying all traffic laws when he smashed into Ms. Howe’s car but personally I don’t see how that is impossible.


Her biggest fear is ending up in MEN’S jail. He doesn’t seem to be very remorseful about her involvement in the death of this woman.

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“The media wants that picture, don’t they?” Jenner said of a possible stint in county. “That is the worst-case scenario… The men’s county jail. That’s the scary part. It is an enormous problem that they would put trans women in a men’s county jail.”


No. it’s an enormous problem that this woman is dead you freak.

The TV star also told Lauer his memory of the incident is foggy, saying, “I remember it happening (but) that’s about it,” and that pending litigation prevented him from discussing it further.


You remember it happening but that’s about it? That’s all you have dude? You know who will always remember it happening? Kim Howe’s family you D-BAG!

“A tragedy like this, you’ll never get over it. You just learn to live with it the best you possibly can,” Jenner said.

Bro, you couldn’t care less. 

Witnesses at the scene said Jenner was driving when he rear-ended Howe’s white sedan. The car was then reportedly forced into oncoming traffic, where a Humvee struck it head-on.

In all, eight people were involved in the accident.

Here’s the back-up video in case one get’s pulled by the liberal media…

Man, that’s just strange right there…


(H/T KIPP JONES at Breitbart)

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  2. he’s not a “SHE” he still has his manhood.. so he will “ALWAYS” be a man or should I say male..Just because you wear fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake hair..and change your first name doesn’t make you a female.. you’re not even a transgender.. a drag queen maybe..a nutcase for sure..

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  4. I didn’t hear any regret or apology . Too bad, man man prison just like anyone else.

  5. jenner is a sick and disgusting TWAT

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