AFF EXCLUSIVE: After Jerry Brown Spends BILLIONS On Illegal Aliens- California Woman DESTROYS Him Over Oroville Dam



After months of defiance from the state of California’s government officials and their epic temper tantrums of threatening everything from setting themselves up as a sanctuary state to seceding from the Union. Gov. Jerry Brown is now coming to President Trump, hat in hand, to beg for money from the federal government for the Oroville Dam disaster.

“What’s Governor Brown doing?” former state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican, asked in a Monday post on Facebook. “The same thing he’s been doing for decades — obstructing progress.”

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A radio talk show host, Mr. Donnelly said California “has been so busy defying President Donald Trump in order to protect illegal aliens from deportation that it forgot to do the things a government is supposed to do, like maintain infrastructure. Governor Brown is now going hat-in-hand to beg the Trump administration for emergency funds.”

A disaster that the state of California was made aware of this problem back in 2005 when they were told by no less than three environmental groups – the Friends of the River, the Sierra Club and the South Yuba Citizens League – raised concerns that an earthquake could degrade the massive earthen rockfill dam. The state government simply ignored those concerns and continued to spend money on other things of lesser importance.

It’s ironic that the same environmentalists who have opposed every new dam project were the ones who raised the alarm.Image result for oroville dam evacuation


California spends roughly $180 billion out of their annual budget with most of it being used on the abysmal roads and a crumbling intrastate highway system. Proposals have been presented countless times over the past 20 years or more regarding the necessity to fund infrastructure improvements and repairs and make critical repairs and upgrades to dams, roads and bridges. Yet none of it gets done with the intention of fixing those things “someday.” Except some day is here now.


Image result for oroville dam evacuation

See the Oroville Dam isn’t just ANY dam – it’s the primary storage facility located on the Feather River for the State Water Project, the state-owned conveyance system that provides drinking water to more than two-thirds of California’s population.

If the dam were to fail, it could put not only the city of Oroville but numerous other communities, including Yuba City, Marysville and even West Sacramento, under water.

At the moment, the emergency spillway is being used for the first time since Governor Ronald Reagan approved its construction, and almost 200,000 people have been evacuated.

Image result for oroville dam evacuation

Some of those evacuated are my friend Jennifer, her husband Chris, and their 3 children – 17-year-old fraternal twins, Daniel and Alisa, and their 11-year-old sister, Hellen. Jennifer told me of their harrowing ordeal in trying to get out when they were literally only given a one hour notice for the order to evacuate.

Jennifer states of the ordeal of trying to evacuate –

It was bad,  seriously bad, and we were somewhat prepared. We had bags packed by Thursday and had gone over our evacuation plan with our kids, but hearing “This is emergency alert, the Oroville Dam spillway is in eminent danger of catastrophic failure within the hour. Get out now! Get out now! This is not a drill evacuate now!” just put a whole different perspective on things.

We were on the road within fifteen minutes, then spent the next four hours trying to make a thirty minute drive. My husband had our dogs, our son was with me and our cats, and our daughters were with my mother (who had been in the process of driving home when we got the order. I told her via the phone to turn around and go back to her house (at that point it was just Butte county being evacuated). By the time she drove 15 minutes home, she received a reverse 911 call that our 11 year old answered evacuating a Yuba County . Hellen (11 year old ) was hysterical for the next ten minutes will my mom and 17 year old daughter (Alisa) packed her car and loaded her cats. She had to leave Hellen’s horse behind.Related image

I had to call my best friend to tell her to get out. She was on a date with her husband in Sacramento, leaving their two sons with a babysitter. They were 30 minutes away from Marysville (and this was while we were being told that a 30 foot wall of water was going to hit us in 45 minutes). I had to listen to her try and be brave when we both knew that they probably weren’t going to make it out. I got to deal with feeling that I had sentenced the boys I saw born, and have watched grow 13 and 11), to death because our cars were full.


My in laws tried to make it out twice, but they only moved five blocks in a hour, so they went home to try to ride it out. We left our house in Gridley at 4:30p, we reached the shelter in Oregon House at 9:30p. I grew up there, which is why we headed there. We were among the first to check in. We know most of the volunteers, so that helped, but there was still the sense of controlled terror.

As a life long, third generation resident of California, one of the 200,000 who was told to evacuate in an hour or die,who spent the night sleeping in my car with my husband and 3 children because of the Oroville Dam spillway issue, I would like some answers from “Moonbeam”…….

Why wasn’t the Oroville dam repaired when there was a drought for 7 years when there was no water to get in the way of repairs? Why are millions being wasted on the Jerry Brown vanity train to nowhere, when more water storage infrastructure and desalinization plants could be built to turn arid L.A. into the oasis it demands to be?Related image

Why are millions being spent to pay the tuition for tens of thousands of illegal aliens in this state? Why are millions being spent to keep those who refuse to work in a higher standard of living than many of the working poor in California? Why is there a 1.6 billion dollar deficit in California?

Why are the highways full of potholes? What is CalTrans supposed to be doing? California highways are a wreck, yet “Moonbeam Brown” wants to withhold highway funds from the feds, because….REASONS!  California wishes to pay more entitlements to its refugees huddling in its sanctuary cities?

Jennifer and her family echo the sentiments of many Conservative Californians ruled by the liberals in Sacramento, L.A., and San Francisco, stating –

as I keep paying my high taxes, my corporate taxes, my property taxes, my fees, my hidden fees… I’m expected not to bitch about having no political representation coming out of Sacramento. The reality is, we are forced to home school,because California public schools are mediocre at best. Oh, hell… Let’s face it… SFGate reports California schools are the ninth-worst in the nation. Way to go liberal teacher’s unions!

We drive vehicles with 200k and 80k miles, respectively. We paid a $600.00 subsidized utility bill last month. My annual Kaiser Permanente bill for a family of four is close to 20 thousand dollars – more then my mortgage. And tonight… we’re having meatloaf for dinner.

Perhaps we should consider giving up this harebrained scheme of becoming a sanctuary state, so that when our infrastructure falls apart through mismanagement, when our cities get flattened because of earthquakes, or when they burn because of fires, or riots… Er, I mean ‘protests’… Or when our cities are buried because of mudslides, we won’t get blow-blow back from, and laughed at by, the rest of the nation when we ask for federal funds and help.

God Bless.

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