Jet Blue Allowing Male Flight Attendants To Dress Like DRAG QUEENS… BOYCOTT NOW!!!!


Okay, here’s one for the books. We all know that the country has freaking gone bonkers with this wokeness bullshit and the are worse stories than this I suppose but this caught my eye while checking out my good friends at 100 Percent FED Up so I figured I’d do the article if not any other reason than to stop writing about demented Biden and all the other crap going on in this crazy world.

So you may find this humorous even though it’s disgusting.

Do you remember the god old days when flight attendants were female, good looking, wore short skirts and life was good?

Well, you’re in luck- Jet Blue Airlines has that going on with one exception- they have men with beards serving your drinks dressed up like trannies. Isn’t that wonderful?

You just can’t make this garbage up.

From B.K. House at 100 Percent FED Up

Jet Blue flight attendants are sporting a new look these days. Hopefully, the airlines have thought ahead to carry extra alcohol and air sickness bags, their passengers are going to need them.?

According to Aviation Pros,

On April 6, JetBlue announced more details of its plan to shake up the transatlantic market, this time unveiling its core experience for travelers who previously flew in other airlines’ “economy” or “coach” offerings. When JetBlue launches flights to London later this year, it will bring a whole new level of service and comfort to customers who want a great experience at a low fare.

Are the dress-wearing lumberjack-looking flight attendants Jet Blue’s idea of shaking up the market?

Regular people weighed in on Twitter and they aren’t exactly thrilled with this woke move of bearded men dressed like women.

No no no @JetBlue… I used to be a very faithful flyer… Not if I see this b*******
There is a concerted effort to be the most outrageous. It’s to desensitize us and younger generations.
No thanks to @JetBlue and the freak parade.

To advertise their new woke look, Jet Blue should start an ad campaign to draw more passengers to the airline. Dudes in Dresses is kind of catchy. Or maybe stubble and stilettos.

For God’s sake this world is insane.

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