ALERT: Dozens Of JEW HATING Racists SWARM Chuck Schumer’s House- It’s An EMERGENCY

2 piles of liberal garbage


Before we start I have a question- does anybody actually believe that there are groups of Jews that are against Jews?

To me it’s absurd. They are FAKES funded by the left.

It’s obvious and we proved it in a previous article a day or 2 ago.

Okay, let’s get to the report:

It appears Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer just had to eat his words.

Numerous pro-Palestinian supporters were seen protesting right outside Schumer’s home in Brooklyn.

The recent arrest of protesters outside of New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s home has highlighted the Biden administration’s hypocrisy when it comes to protests.

Before the U.S. Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade – the 1973 high court decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states – there were many protests held outside the homes of conservative justices.

While federal law supposedly prohibits demonstrations aimed at influencing court outcomes, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer responded that he had no problem with peaceful protests when questioned about them.

The Biden administration and his DOJ haven’t been forceful in condemning such acts, leaving conservatives to worry about potential intimidation tactics used against the Supreme Court justices as well as other members of Congress and the Senate who disagree with the Radical Leftists.

Fake Jewish organizations have absurdly pushed for a ceasefire and are funded by George Soros.

Tale a look:

When asked about it, Schumer commented that he had no issue with peaceful protests if they are done in a respectful manner. He even made a joke when receiving a call from his wife during the interview stating “maybe there’s a protest outside” his home at the time.

However, while no one was arrested other than Nicholas John Roske who attempted an assassination on Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Joe Biden’s Justice Department put U.S Marshall Service officers on duty for added protection near their homes as an extra precautionary measure taken by authorities.

This weekend however saw different circumstances playing out as Senator Chuck Schumer (being Jewish himself) faced protesters demanding ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war outside his Brooklyn home which led to local lawmakers being among those arrested along with rabbis, politicians, scholars and descendants of Holocaust survivors aged between 20-80 according to Jewish Voice for Peace group.

They were reportedly handcuffed and escorted onto MTA buses before being driven away presumably to police precincts to be booked for blocking traffic after which they will be issued summonses accordingly per sources.

It is known that earlier this Friday, October 13, Schumer travelled to Israel leading a group of senators alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where they discussed what help US could provide in its fight against Hamas according to statement released by his office.

Look, forgive me if I sound ignorant but I’m not buying this JEWS AGAINST JEWS BULLSHIT.



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