Jihadist TERRORIST Cut Loose From GITMO By Obama, Here’s What He’s Doing NOW!!!

Ever since taking office, Barack Obama has been hell-bent on closing down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba, which meant releasing hundreds of known terrorists, even though their recidivism rate is close to 30 percent. America hasn’t been happy with his plans, and they’re really not going to be happy after finding out where a recently released terror suspect was just spotted.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Ibrahim al Qosi was easily cleared for release from GTMO as a low-level detainee back in 2012, then sent off to the Sudan so their government could deal with him. Well, as would be expected, his knitting and crocheting classes weren’t exactly rehabilitative after coming from a life of terror, so guess where he went.

This Man SET FREE From GTMO By Obama, Look Where He Was JUST Spotted

Ibrahim al Qosi

Well I can tell you this much – he didn’t exactly open a textile shop in his village or take up the rest of his life as a goat farmer [strikethrough] humper. No, he didn’t put his newly-learned origami skills to use or decide that life would be better spent working with children (at least in a productive manner). No, instead he reemerged as the leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.



The Free Beacon has more:

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Al Qosi’s appearance in a new series of al Qaeda propaganda videos has prompted backlash on Capitol Hill from lawmakers who accuse the administration of not properly vetting inmates as it rushes to shutter Gitmo.


“The transfer of terror detainee Ibrahim al Qosi from Gitmo to the Sudanese government has resulted in a new frontman for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and reminds us that no facility in the world can detain terrorists as securely as Guantanamo,” Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) told theWashington Free Beacon on Thursday.

The administration needs to explain why they would transfer al Qosi and two other known terrorists to Sudan, a state sponsor of terror,” Kirk said.


Yeah, that would be an excellent start, along with explaining the push to close the facility to begin with, considering that those who remain are the worst of the worst suspected terrorists we have in captivity. Some would argue that Obama’s actions are borderline, if not blatantly treasonous, and they wouldn’t be too far off, in this journalist’s opinion.

After all, if you release enemy combatants knowing that they’re going to return to the field of battle, then you’re willingly providing aid to the enemy, which is, by definition, treason.

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God Bless.


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