Jimmy Kimmel Says Trump Supporters FORCED Him To DOUBLE ARMED SECURITY After Vegas


Jimmy Kimmel has become “America’s conscience,” according to the left, because of his passionate anti-gun rants on his late night “comedy(?)” show, but he seems to like gun a lot more than he lets on.

Like most limousine liberals who have tons of money but are dumber than a box of nails, Kimmel uses his platform to advocate for and against the things he likes and dislikes. Take Obamacare, for example. The late night host went on and on during a tearful monologue lecturing the rest of us on why we need it despite the fact his millions of dollars shield him from the horrible effects of the disastrous law.

Naturally, people weren’t happy about such hypocritical lectures from a multi-millionaire, so they began letting Kimmel know how they feel. Of course, once Kimmel went off on another rant against gun rights, which are overwhelmingly supported by the same people opposed to Obamacare, the pushback got even worse.

Following the horrifying massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday, Kimmel didn’t even wait 24 hours before getting on his pretentious perch and delivering an anti-gun sermon that would have made even New York Sen. Chuck U. Schumer proud. Although that’s probably because it’s since been discovered that Kimmel has been receiving his leftist talking points from the king of the swamp himself.

Here’s his emotional plea for the rest of us to give up our guns:

But I digress.

Amid the pushback from freedom-loving Americans, Kimmel did pretty much what you’d expect a leftist to do; hired more armed security. According to Mercury News, Kimmel became so unsettled by the people tired of him railing against our rights, that he had his studio double the armed security outside to keep him safe.

The best part?

It’s all off-duty police officers doing the work.

You seriously can’t make this up.

From Mercury News:

Sources close “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tell the website The Blast that the comedian has had some issues with protestors who don’t appreciate his criticism of Trump and his support of Obamacare. In response to protesters, the show has increased personnel at both the front and back entrances. This personnel consists of highly-trained, off-duty police officers.

Gee, it must be nice to be able to afford armed and trained security, huh?

Unfortunately for the rest of us, affording such a luxury just isn’t possible, which is why we’re so passionate about our Second Amendment rights; we deserve to be safe from outside threats too, Jimmy.

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