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This article was written by John Mac Ghlionn and was published at BREAKING 911

If you happen to be a left-leaning voter, and you happen to be male, ask yourself this: Does Joe Biden really care about me?

Democrats, be warned: you are going to get steamrolled in the November midterm elections. The Biden administration, clearly aware of this fact, is scrambling to win over (and win back) the skeptics, pessimists, and the downright disillusioned. Considering 54% of Americans think Joe Biden is one of the worst presidents in US history, his administration has its work cut out.


Nevertheless, in an attempt to enthuse the unenthused and energize a burned-out base, the Biden administration is focusing on three very particular issues: student debt, abortion, and the revision of Title IX. What do these three disparate issues have in common? Women. To be specific, white women. To be even more specific, white, college-educated women.

In the 2020 election, as Pew researchers first highlighted, Donald Trump “won 65% of White non-college voters.” Biden, on the other hand, did remarkably well with white voters, especially more formally educated white voters. Fast forward to 2022, and 60% of college students are female, the vast majority of whom are white. When one recognizes the fact that two-thirds of the $1.7 trillion in student loan debt is currently held by women, it should come as little surprise that President Biden is planning to cancel at least $10,000 of student loans before the dreaded midterms. The United States can ill-afford to write off as “little” as $10,000. President Biden knows this very well. However, his base, the very people who won him the presidency, desperately want forgiveness. And, as we all know, what the base wants, the base almost always gets.

This brings us onto abortion. Back in 1982, when he was just a humble senator from Delaware, Biden desperately tried to overturn Roe v. Wade; now, though, the 46th president of the United States wants to protect it all costs. Why the sudden change in tune from the country’s most prominent Catholic? In the US, 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by the time they turn 45. Access to abortion, we’re told, is “especially pertinent for college-age women, as more than half of all patients who have this procedure are in their twenties.”

One wonders if the president fully believes women should have unfettered access to abortion.  Considering Catholicism strictly forbids abortion, and Joe Biden is, by his own admission, a devout Catholic, probably not. But what President Biden actually believes here is not the point. Politics, contrary to popular belief, has little to do with morality. It has everything to do with messaging. The message from Biden is clearly one that aligns with his party, not necessarily his own religious beliefs. The Democratic party is bigger than Biden, and this explains why the president is now pushing a pro-abortion narrative.


It also explains why Biden is, according to Politico, preparing to blow up Title IX, and cast off “many Trump-era guidelines” that his officials “say are too arduous for assault victims. As you may recall, the Trump administration previously introduced more stringent protocols to protect those accused of rape and sexual misconduct. In other words, the Trump administration worked to preserve the legal principle that every person accused of a crime should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

With a lack of due process, innocent men will suffer. As legal experts Hans A. von Spakovsky and Elizabeth Slattery noted a few years ago, the changes made by the Trump administration stopped colleges from conducting “quasi-criminal proceedings, which college administrators are ill equipped to do.” No one, they argued, “would expect a college tribunal to handle a murder on campus,” so why expect a “college to handle other serious crimes such as sexual assaults and rapes.” After all, rapists are actual criminals, “not just college students who violate a school’s honor code,” they added.

I am not saying that the Biden administration doesn’t care about men. However, it is very difficult to see how revisions to Title IX will help anyone other than the people most likely to vote for him, including unrepentant, opportunistic liars. False allegations of sexual harassment are real, and they ruin lives. Think back to 2006, when the Duke Lacrosse team was falsely accused of committing the most heinous of acts imaginable, for example. For the uninitiated, a woman by the name of Crystal Magnum, a student at North Carolina Central University, accused three young men – David Evans, Colin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann – of raping her. She was lying, and the three men were eventually cleared of all charges. However, the experience, one imagines, still haunts them to this day. More recently, in 2014, Corey Mock, then a wrestler at the University of Tennessee, was falsely accused of sexual assault. As Fox News reported, although Mock “had an intimate encounter at a party,” consensual by all accounts, it was, at worst, “bad judgment” on his behalf; it certainly “was not assault.”


C.D. Mock, the father of the accused, appeared on “Fox News @ Night,” and had this to say: “Within a couple of days, she reversed her decision[HG3]  to press charges for assault, with no evidence, no explanation. That was the moment when we knew, there’s … something’s going on.” Indeed. What price do false accusers pay? By the looks of things, absolutely none. One needn’t be a legal scholar to see how revising Title IX will make things considerably worse for men, particularly innocent men, across the country. For those who say that this is just a right-wing concern, or another example of “toxic, male privilege,” let me respond by saying the following: this is both a moral and legal concern; anyone accused of a crime, be it sexual assault or otherwise, should be considered innocent until proven guilty. This is not a “male versus female” issue; it’s a human rights one. In response to the threat of revisions, parents’ rights organizations across the country have reached out to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. One of the organizations, Parents Defending Education, wrote to Cardona, arguing that “the forthcoming rule changes” appear to be little more than “a politicized effort to placate activists.” Who, one wonders, are these activists? Could they be mostly college-educated women with a penchant for left-leaning politics? I’ll let you answer that question yourself. I’ll finish by saying the following: when running for office, Joe Biden promised to be a president for “all Americans.” Right now, though, he appears to be appealing to a select few. If you happen to be a man in America, especially one currently attending college, you have every right to feel dismayed and utterly disrespected. Without due process and respect for the rule of law, the deceivers profit; meanwhile, the decent perish.

This article was written by John Mac Ghlionn and was published at BREAKING 911

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