John Fetterman Bombshell EXPOSED IT ALL… Media FREAKS OUT


Democrat John Fetterman.

He’s accomplished nothing good if anything at all.

Well, he did beat an extremely intelligent man, Mehmet Oz in the midterms.


Democrats have no brains.

They voted for a complete loser.

Dude had a stroke which sucks.

But in reality the dude has nothing to bring to the table.

But he was elected by the fools in Pennsylvania.

Why they did I have absolutely no idea.

It seriously boggles the mind.

I mean he checked into some hospital for ‘depression’ for God’s sake.

Seriously you can’t make this crap up.

Fetterman- the TRUTH

Okay check this out from Anthony Smith at News Hour First:

There is a bit of a coverup up going on in the media that nobody is talking about right now.

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you heard the media discuss Senator John Fetterman (D-PA).

Why No Reporting?

Fetterman has been out of the public eye almost immediately after taking office.

He was admitted to a hospital for mental health issues, then the story just disappeared.

How do you think this would have been handled if it was a Republican that was being treated for depression?

Would the media be silent or would they be asking for a resignation for health reasons?

Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel stated, “Mental illness should not be covered any differently than any other illness.

“Having said that, the people of Pennsylvania are owed a senator… we certainly deserve more transparency here.

“It’s all political positioning rather than health concern or ability to function.”

So, Fetterman cannot properly communicate, and now he is on the ledge… but them media is not saying a word, relying solely on Fetterman’s camp for updates.

I am clearly not the only one thinking that Fetterman never should have taken office, let alone submitting his resignation now…

Stroke, depression, comprehension problems… why is this man not recovering rather than occupying a seat in Congress?

It’s time for Fetterman to go away.

He’s completely unfit for the job.

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