John McCain SLAMS Trump For Doing THIS… There’s Just One Problem He’s Missing

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John McCain, an Arizona Republican who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, sent a direct warning to President Elect Donald Trump, saying that any attempt to “reset” relations with Russia was unacceptable.

“With the U.S. presidential transition underway, Vladimir Putin has said in recent days that he wants to improve relations with the United States.  We should place as much faith in such statements as any other made by a former KGB agent who has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, threatened America’s allies, and attempted to undermine America’s elections.” ~John McCain

In his statement, McCain pointed out that Russia resumed large-scale bombardment Tuesday in Syria.  McCain is furious that Trump spoke with Putin and that Trump agreed with Putin regarding Islam and continuing the air strikes once again.

“The Obama administration’s last attempt at resetting relations with Russia culminated in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and military intervention in the Middle East,” McCain said. “At the very least, the price of another ‘reset’ would be complicity in Putin and Assad’s butchery of the Syrian people.

“That is an unacceptable price for a great nation. When America has been at its greatest, it is when we have stood on the side [of] those fighting tyranny,” McCain added. “That is where we must stand again.”


Putin said Monday that he’s willing to work with Trump to normalize relations.  McCain essentially warned Trump not to be taken in by the Russian’s verbal charm moves.

Trump and McCain have traded blows and warnings in the past, most recently when McCain backed away from supporting trump over Trump’s comments about women.  Then Trump fired back at McCain about being shot down in and captured in Vietnam, saying McCain was no hero.

Over Obama’s 8 years of dictatorship, McCain proved himself nothing more than Obama’s lapdog.  What McCain is saying about Putin is solid advice however.  Putin is an extreme threat to the United States and other nation’s all the while Putin uses the disguise as, “peace seeker”.

From a military stand point, Trump should not trust Putin but he should and is, in talks with Putin to get to know his adversary.   only time will tell what will come of this and how Trump truly deals with the Russian Bear.


God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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