BREAKING: John McCain TRASHES President Trump- BLAMES Him For The DEATH Of Over 100 People

 John McCain Blames President Trump for Gas Attack in Syria…



President Trump has become the resident pinata for Washington D.C. with literally everyone blaming him for all that ails the world.  Sen. John McCain (AZ-R) is now attempting to place blame on the Trump administration for the chemical weapons attack that killed dozens in Syria on Tuesday.

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Reports state over 100 people were killed in the attack on Khan Shikhun in Idlib province. Planes carrying weapons laced with an unidentified chemical substance raided the city.  All victims showed symptoms similar to those caused by sarin gas exposure.


This attack was believed to be in response to a public announcement from the Trump administration that the U.S. would not interfere, therefore allowing Syrian President Bashar Assad to stay in office as a means to find an end to the current and ongoing conflict. The attack came just days after the announcement was made.

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Of course, McCain had to chime in to add his two cents and play the blame game as though choosing NOT to intervene in another sovereign nation’s affairs, thus allowing them to resolve their own issues is cause for crazy people doing crazy things to their own citizenry.


McCain states –

“We’ve seen this movie before when Barack Obama said we would have a red line, they crossed it and we did nothing. Bashar al-Assad and his friends, the Russians, take note of what the Americans say … and I’m sure they took note of what the administration said.

I’m sure they’re encouraged and know the United States is withdrawing.”

McCain went off on a tirade spouting about how there was no “clear direction coming from the Trump administration on what its policy in Syria will be, aside from a seeming willingness to kowtow to Russia and Assad. Failure to push for Assad’s removal from office and the end of his regime is a failure of American ideals.

When did countries that are NOT America have to ascribe to American ideals?

McCain states, “It’s another disgraceful chapter in American history.”

Except that would be Syrian history would it not?

McCain then went on to explain what he would do if he were in charge. He claims President Trump should change the track of American involvement in Syria to arm the Free Syrian Army, then remove Assad, and punish Russia for its role in backing the regime. He states he hoping the people around President Trump will push him in the right direction.

McCain states –

 “I don’t see any doctrine right now. I do have great confidence in the national security team around the president … and I hope that they will develop a strategy, stand up and give the president the advice and counsel I believe he needs and can get from that team.”

And here I am as an American citizen wondering when it became the job of the American people to play world cop and clean up crew, involving ourselves in the affairs of other sovereign nations at the expense of American lives and tax dollars?

I’m REALLY unclear as to exactly what right we have to decide who rules Syria and who doesn’t, ESPECIALLY coming from the man that railed against the supposed Russian involvement (which we know is fiction) in the 2016 Presidential Election, yet now wants to do the exact same thing to another country?  How does that work exactly?

Sen. John McCain (AZ-R) would do well to learn the meaning of holding his tongue.

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

Proverbs 17:28

God Bless.

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