“During his recent divorce from Amber Heard, Depp also publicly and repeatedly denied having physically abused his former wife and publicly accused her of manufacturing the allegations to ‘extend her fifteen minutes of fame.’ However, Mandel was informed well after the fact through communications with various house staff and security that Depp had been extremely volatile and had sometimes ‘gotten physical’ with Heard. Mandel was also later informed that Depp had violently kicked Heard during an incident that took place in or around 2014.”

The documents also claim that Depp bullied his publicist into calling into question Heard’s integrity by claiming text messages Heard revealed that seemed to prove she had been abused were fake.


The documents paint Depp out to be a habitual liar and abuser as well as significantly abusive.  Many long time fans are calling for a boycott not only for his calls for the assassination of the President of President Trump but also for the abuse of his wife and continued cover up of it.

Depp has now released an apology claiming “he intended no malice.”  How exactly does one threaten assassination yet intend no malice?

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