HOLY HELL: Jones Campaign Worker Admits To MASSIVE FRAUD ON LIVE TV… RECOUNT NOW!! [Video]


Doug Jones pulled off an upset victory in Alabama on Tuesday, but things may not be quite what they seem.

For one, Roy Moore faced an unprecedented amount of negative coverage from the leftstream media, who made it their personal mission to ensure he wasn’t elected. If that wasn’t bad enough, multiple women waited over 40 years for their moment to accuse Moore of indecencies from years ago, which happened pretty much as soon as he won the primary and was set to take on Democrat Jones, not so coincidentally.


But while those were already massive hurdles for the Moore campaign to overcome, now we’re learning of fraud that may have been committed to get Jones over the finish line. In fact, one of his campaign workers admitted to committing fraud on live television in the hours after the election.

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Seriously. Below is the shocking video:



“Why are you excited to see this victory,” the unidentified campaign worker was asked.


That’s when he makes an admission that should trigger a full investigation into this election.

“Because we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvass together, and we got our boy elected!”

It’s that line right there that poses a serious problem. It’s highly, highly illegal for people to vote in a state not their own, and if it’s discovered that Jones pulled off a win due to out-of-state voters flooding Alabama, then election would be overturned and Moore would take the victory.

It’s worth noting that Jones won the black vote by an overwhelming majority. Interestingly enough, blacks from Mississippi and other neighboring states were being encouraged by Democrat operatives to go to Alabama and vote in their election, we previously reported.

From Big League Politics:

Democratic activists are making a last-minute push to get out the vote against Roy Moore in Alabama by encouraging “African-Americans in Mississippi” to vote in the wrong state.

Sources on the ground in Alabama confirm that these tactics are real, and they are being used by supporters of Democrat Doug Jones.

Big League Politics received evidence of a Reddit call for “African-Americans in Mississippi” to “make a short trip to Alabama on December 12.” That Reddit thread is still active.

Similar calls have been made on Reddit for African-Americans in other nearby states, including Georgia and Tennessee.

HOLY HELL: Jones Campaign Worker Admits To MASSIVE FRAUD ON LIVE TV… RECOUNT NOW!! [Video]

That’s not to mention, Democrats were abusing a new law that allows felons to vote by sending out operatives to register them and naturally tell them to vote for the Democrat.

Worse yet, another form of election tampering was reported by Alabama.com. A woman by the name of Perman Hardy was using her SUV to round up black people and compel them to vote for Jones.

Coercing people to vote and offering them free things to do so a certain way (the ride down there) are also against election laws in this country. The worst part is that you know Hardy wasn’t the only one subverting the election process in Alabama.

Meanwhile, the vote tally in Jefferson County, which only went to Obama by around 50 percent, is also raising serious questions after Jones received nearly 70 percent of the vote.

Following the election, Moore told his supporters that his campaign isn’t going to concede, and they want to possibly pursue a recount. That doesn’t seem like a bad idea after seeing what actually happened in the state.

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