James Woods ANNIHILATES McCain In 2 EPIC Tweets, And They’re Going VIRAL

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Sen. John McCain turned his back on Republicans last week when he cast the deciding vote to keep Obamacare intact, and he’s been catching a lot of heat for it.

Conservatives across the country are enraged that he torpedoed the legislation, with James Woods firing at the incumbent senator with both barrels on Twitter. Woods is a conservative firebrand on the social media site, and he doesn’t hold back when he goes after people.

McCain was no exception.


“Meanwhile which one is the “top” and which one is the “bottom/” Woods asked, in reference to homosexual couples.

Woods then tweeted out a photo of McCain with Upchuck Schumer right before the healthcare vote, where McCain is rumored to have had secret talks with his Democrat colleagues.


“And don’t forget your kneepads…” Woods blasted.

Pretty much. McCain may have served in the military, but that doesn’t give him immunity from criticism, and there’s plenty to criticize about him, especially with how he’s behaved since President Trump took office.

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