Judge Napolitano REFUSES To Let Obama Get Away With It, Exposes His SICK Secret To AMERICA [VID]

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When the news first broke out that Hillary Clinton had violated procedure and used a private email server during her time as secretary of state, President Obama flat out denied having prior knowledge of the situation and claimed that he found out at the same time that we all did. What a ridiculous lie.

Obama has insisted, including in a March 2015 CBS interview, that he didn’t know Clinton used a private email server until it came out in news reports.

But according to Fox News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, the president “lied directly and pointedly to the American people” with his statement to CBS News.

Napolitano said the key question now becomes: “why did the president lie about it?”

FBI files show that President Obama used a pseudonym to exchange 18 emails with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In order for Clinton, or anyone else, to communicate with the president, the person’s number or email address would have to be cleared, or ‘whitelisted’ which is a form of filtering that only allows communications from pre-approved numbers and addresses to come through.

By using whitelisting, all communication would have been secure and unable to be tapped, Western Journalism reports.

“Think of whitelisting like a bouncer in the VIP line at the party. If you are on the list you get in, if you are not, you get bounced to the pavement,” said Bob Gourley, former chief technology officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency,

“Whitelisting happens by design,” he added. “The IT professionals who whitelist devices at places like the White House only add the email addresses authorized by management. To do otherwise would be to violate policy in ways that could introduce threats to the system.”

Gourley said that although there are differences between a private server and an email address, whoever followed the request to set up the president’s phone to accept Clinton’s address would have clearly been able to see it was not an official government account.

According to Gourley, requests of this nature usually come come from the White House chief of staff or a deputy and are sent to the Secret Service and a military unit known as the White House Communications Agency.

Emails released by WikiLeaks this week showed top Clinton aides scrambling on the issue, with Cheryl Mills telling John Podesta in March 2015, “We need to clean this up. He has emails from her – they do not say state.gov.”


The judge said he believes the president “feared” having to testify if Clinton was indicted and probably thought the issue would eventually “go away.”

Napolitano agreed with Steve Doocy that the president likely never imagined FBI agents leaking documents about the investigation into the private server.

“This is happening so close to Election Day. I don’t know if it’s going to move the needle, but it shows the absence of the rule of law in this administration,” said Napolitano.

He pointed out that this information is coming out because FBI agents are “furious” that Clinton was not prosecuted.

The judge concluded, “The evidence for indictment and for [Clinton’s] prosecution was, remains and continues to be overwhelming.”

Judge Nap: Obama ‘Lied Directly and Pointedly’ to the Nation About Hillary’s Emails

YouTube video courtesy of Bill Fox

Of course, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dismissed the claims as a debunked conspiracy theory.

Yeah right pal.

These people are the biggest scumbags.

We have to win this election folks or it’s all over. America will continue spiraling out of control.


God Bless.



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