BREAKING: Leftist Judge Just PUNISHED Sheriff Clark Over His Pro-Trump Views… This IS ILLEGAL


Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark is an ardent supporter of the President, and now he’s paying the price for his unapologetic views.

Clark, who was a surrogate for the President throughout the campaign and made it very clear he’s anti-SJW, just happened to run into a SJW on an airplane recently, we previously reported. When the snowflake said something threatening to Clark, the Sheriff got in his face and let him know that he’s not a pajama boy like the snowflakes coming out of college, and now a leftist judge is making him pay the price.


From our previous report:

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Clarke’s lawyer claims that Black accosted his client as he was sitting in first class on the American Airlines flight just before takeoff.


‘Plaintiff stopped adjacent to Sheriff Clarke’s seat as Plaintiff boarded the plane and asked him if he was Sheriff Clarke,’ the sheriff’s attorneys wrote.

‘Sheriff Clarke responded in the affirmative.


‘Plaintiff then, while standing over Clarke and in very close proximity to Clarke given the confines of the airline cabin, and in a physically threatening manner, stared at Clarke and shook his head at him for a prolonged period of time,’ the lawyers wrote.

‘Clarke asked plaintiff if he had a problem with him, to which plaintiff did not respond.’

The deputies were ordered by their boss, Clarke, to stop Black after the two men held a brief exchange on board the American Airlines flight, the Journal Sentinel reported.

After the plane landed and was sitting on the tarmac, Clarke sent a text message to one of his captains which read: ‘Just a field interview, no arrest unless he become an a*****e with your guys.’

‘Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?’

‘Follow him to baggage and out the door,’ Clarke texted. ‘You can escort me to carousel after I point him out.’

Seems like pretty standard operating procedure for a threatening passenger. But then again, we now live in a post-Obama nation.

According to a report from The Hill, Clark is now set to actually stand trial over his words to the hypersensitive snowflake on Facebook, after the incident had occurred.

Can you believe that?

Check it out:

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff and prominent President Trump supporter David Clarke Jr. will face trial for taunting a man on Facebook, USA Today reported.

Clarke is set to stand trial on Jan. 22 after he called Daniel Black a “snowflake” on Facebook. Black said that Clarke abused his authority to harass him after an encounter on an airplane on Jan. 15, 2017.

No criminal charges were filed in the case, but Black also filed a civil rights lawsuit against Clarke. A judge on Friday dismissed many of the charges, but said a jury should decide whether Clarke’s Facebook posts were threats or retaliation against Black.

“Cheer up, snowflake … if Sheriff Clarke were to really harass you, you wouldn’t be around to whine about it,” one post from Clarke said.

This is the country Obama left us. Could you imagine if Hillary had been elected?

Things would have become ten times worse…

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