BREAKING: Federal Judge Re-Opens Hillary CRIMINAL Case Overnight… Lets Spread This EVERYWHERE


Are Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds finally catching up with her? It seems some of her minions are finding themselves in hot water after doing the Wicked Witch of Washington’s bidding.

It seems a Maryland judge is ordering the state bar association to open an investigation into the three attorneys that helped then-Secretary of State Hillary delete her  infamous “private emails.” According to many Americans, this is an investigation that is long overdue into the secret email account tied to a server Hillary kept at her home in New York.  She used this private email server to conduct official business while she was head of the State Department, though it was clearly against policy.


The FBI then proceeded to claim that though the email arrangement risked national security and American lives, it would decline to recommend charges be pressed.  Former FBI Director James Comey claimed that a woman that was an attorney in her own right, had been the First Lady of the state of Arkansas and of the United States was too inept to understand the risks she was running.

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Hillary then proceeded to return thousands upon thousands of emails to the US government AFTER the investigation was supposedly concluded and then deleted the rest, smashing hard drives and scrubbing them with bleach bit.  Her explanation for her behavior was the emails were “personal.” Yet the FBI’s renewal of their investigation just prior to the election found that thousands of the emails in question WERE work related, yet were never turned over to the government in response a subpoena.

Hillary then ordered these three attorneys – David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson to scour her account. Could these three attorneys flip on Hillary in an effort to avoid prosecution themselves? Or will there be more bodies added to the Clinton body count?


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Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. has stated the complaints levied against Kendall, Mills, and Samuelson were particularly egregious in nature, showing a massive lack of ethics and a willful disregard for the law.  He contends that the state bar could not in good conscience dismiss these charges as frivolous. Judge Harris was elected by the people to serve the 5th district in 2004. He is up for reelection in 2019.

Judge Harris stated in a Monday hearing – “There are allegations of destroying evidence.”  He then explained that given the nature of these allegations, the state’s rules require the bar to conduct an investigation no matter who raises the complaint.  The nature of these allegations are such that they simply cannot be brushed aside.

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The Maryland bar complaint was brought by Attorney Ty Clevenger.  Clevenger has pursued sanctions against Hillary and her legal team in multiple venues and jurisdictions.  He is also leading the charge pressing the FBI to release details of its investigation into the former top diplomat.

Both the State Bar of Arkansas and District of Columbia, along with the federal courts have refused to even consider Clevenger’s requests for an ethics inquiry from the State Bar Association calling for the disbarment or suspension of Hillary and team of attorneys in spite of clear rules requiring the address of such allegations, as well as what appears to be indisputable evidence that significant misconduct took place.

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Judge Harris is the first judge that appears to take his judicial oath seriously, stating that Clevenger’s request has merit and the rules require an investigation, as well as a response from the accused attorneys.  What the actual outcome of the investigation will be no one knows, but the state of Maryland is at least willing to adhere to the rule of law and begin the process.

Interestingly enough the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission has already tried to silence Clevenger just last year.  Alexis Rohde, the attorney representing the grievance commission argued that Clevenger had “no personal knowledge of the allegations”  and therefore refused to investigate.

Rohde further claimed before the court that she was bound by confidentiality rules and as a result was prevented from providing an explanation as to just WHY the panel deemed the complaint to be frivolous, stating –

“Because all these complaints are confidential, I’m unable to put that before the court.”

Judge Harris called Rohde out on that explanation, stating it was the first time the commission had used the term “frivolous” to explain a decision, explaining the rules were very clear that an investigation was required by the commission.

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He stated –

“I just think this is a rather easy decision at this point. The court is ordering bar counsel to investigate.”

Clevenger also won another legal victory just recently when the Justice Department also agreed that his case met the threshold of intense public interest. This came after the FBI attempted to deny an open records request into its investigation citing there was not sufficient public interest to justify overcoming Hillary’s privacy rights.  Clevenger then appealed this decision to the DOJ.  The DOJ, in turn, ruled in Clevenger’s favor, not only signifying that they believe there IS significant public interest but to ruling to expedite his request as well.

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This decision comes just one day before the release of Hillary’s latest book of excuses for why she lost the 2016 presidential election to current sitting president Donald J. Trump. Hillary is set to begin the Excuses Tour 7.0 attempting to blame everyone but herself on how she lost an election that many did everything in their power to rig in her favor.

At this point, even her fellow Democrats and former fundraisers are sick of Hillary’s continuing to make excuses for “What Happened.”  According to The Hill, one even went so far as to say – “The best thing she could do is disappear. She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f*ck up and go away.”

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