BREAKING: Just Before Dallas Memorial, Obama Announces SICK Plans For Law Enforcement…



POTUS Obama has been systematically creating a National Federal Police Force since the 1st day in office.  So it comes as no surprise that after the past 5 days of Black Lives Matter protests and their assassinating of Police Officers that Obama is now pressing forward with his personal agenda.


Obama met with representatives On Monday in the White House, the representatives were from several Police Agencies. Obama insisted that the Police agencies across the nation have not come together and supported his unification for Federal Police and that he, “is their best hope” in bridging racism between Police and African Americans, Breitbart reports.

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Joe Biden told the Police Agencies during the meeting that, “that they, their members and their police forces are part of a racist law enforcement system.”


Obama made it clear to the Police Agencies that he has been working diligently in his federal takeover of Police Agencies, state and local.  He also said that he has been working on federalizing state and city housing rules, rental rules and is trying to regulate the way companies hire employees.

On July 10th, in Spain, Obama was addressing the masses when he stated,” The Black Lives Matter movement is speaking “truth and power” and is similar to the 1950’s racism movement.” This statement alone speaks volumes about Obama’s beliefs and backs his full support of the Black Lives Matter group.  Obama is clearly pushing hate and racism and the more violence that occurs, the closer he gets to his 21st Century Policing Task Force.


Obama discussed with the Police Agencies about his federal plan, 21st Century Policing Task Force in depth. They covered how it must be implemented across the nation as well as reformed.

Joe Biden told the media, when asked about the meeting with the Police Agencies:

“I will continue to pressure the police groups to accept Obama’s policing rules.”

Since the Dallas assassinations, the violence has been escalating across our nation and more officers have paid with their lives.  The Domestic Terrorist group, Black Lives Matter has joined a black nationwide gathering of other political black groups, including the new Black Panthers.    These groups have been the ones escalating violence and murdering Police Officers and yet Obama and Biden are calling these groups, “truth and power” and spinning a web of lies how they are oppressed in a racial America.

The refusal of our POTUS to pin these groups what they truly are, Domestic Terrorists, clearly shows that Obama and his regime desire the violence to grow out of control so that he can implement his Federal Police Force.

The mainstream media would have you believe that Obama and his puppets are doing everything in their power to stop the violence.  This is simply not true and we are danger close to having Obama’s Federal Police Force unleashed across our nation.

On Wednesday, July 13th, Obama is having another meeting regarding his task federal police task force. He will be speaking to his political regime in the White House, according to a White House spokesman.


“On Wednesday, the President will convene another meeting here at the White House that will include law enforcement officials, but it will also include activists, academics, civil rights leaders, local political leaders from across the country, to, again, try to further the dialogue and the identification of specific solutions to repairing the bonds of trust that have frayed in so many communities between law enforcement officials and the citizens that they’re sworn to serve and protect.”

Our nation is in a pivotal time and we find ourselves in a racial war orchestrated by the elite so that they can implement NATO forces and Federal Police control of the nation.  These are facts, not rumors, not conspiracy and not the ramblings of media.  I find it amazing that Obama can speak so bluntly about his support of these racist Domestic Terrorist groups and his federal Police Force.  America is too busy with distractions and entertainment to even notice what is being built all around them.

One cannot argue with facts and reality of our Nation and as the summer of 2016 continues, these Domestic Terrorist groups promise that this will be, “The bloodiest summer in our Nation’s history.”

Stay safe, stay strong and please, I urge each of you to stay aware of what is unfolding around us day by day.

God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

He is currently a Warfighter Up DJ on The Warfighter Radio Network

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