JUSTICE: Anthony Weiner Gets DEVASTATING News From Prosecutors He’s PROHIBITED From Appealing


Disgraced congressman and husband of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, is finally being sentenced for his disgusting sexting with an underage girl, and he’s in for a rude awakening.

On Monday, the former rising star among Democrats will learn his fate after accepting a plea deal stemming from charges that he sent lewd texts with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl. Weiner, prosecutors argue, “did far more than exchange types words on a lifeless cell phone screen with a faceless stranger.”


“Transmitting obscenity to a minor to induce her to engage in sexually explicit conduct by video chat and photo is far from mere ‘sexting,’” they said. “Weiner’s criminal conduct was very serious, and the sentence imposed should reflect that seriousness.”

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And a serious sentence is what he faces, despite proclaiming he’s “profoundly sorry” for making the young girl have to deal with what he called a “deep sickness.” However, the prosecutors of the case aren’t buying it, and instead they believe he needs to be locked up for a while to think about what he has done.


They cited his past work on a bill requiring sex offenders to register their email and instant message addresses with the National Sex Offender Registry as proof he knew what he was doing was wrong. Because of this, prosecutors said, there shouldn’t be any leniency granted to the disgraced pedophile.

From the AP:


“While the government does not contend that Weiner engaged in inappropriate sexual exchanges with other minors or that he is a pedophile, his professed ambivalence toward the minor victim’s age is belied by the defendant’s own statements to the court-appointed evaluator during his evaluation,” they said.

Prosecutors said Weiner, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2005 and 2013, acknowledged to the evaluator an interest in legal, adult, teen-themed pornography.

While Weiner’s previous scandals weren’t “criminal in nature,” the government believes they should be considered in his sentencing because they show a pattern of misconduct.

“He initially denied his conduct; he suffered personal and professional consequences; he publicly apologized and claimed reform. Yet, he has, on multiple occasions, continued to engage in the very conduct he swore off, progressing from that which is self-destructive to that which is also destructive to a teenage girl,” prosecutors said.

They added: “Weiner’s demonstrated history of professed, yet failed, reform make it difficult to rely on his present claim of self-awareness and transformation.”

Defense lawyers had portrayed the girl as an aggressor, saying she wanted to generate material for a book and possibly influence the presidential election.

Prosecutors responded that Weiner should be sentenced for what he did, and the motives of the victim should not influence his punishment.

As part of a plea bargain, Weiner has agreed not to appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months. Prosecutors said the sentence should fall within that span, and they noted that Probation Department authorities had recommended a 27-month prison term.

Ouch. While two years isn’t much for a pedophile (they should go away for life), we also have to remember he copped a plea, so under the law he likely won’t be sentenced the same as if he were to receive a guilty verdict in court. However, the fact that he can’t appeal the verdict is huge, and means that even if the judge decides to give him ten years, he’s screwed.

It couldn’t have happened to a better guy. /sarc

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