BREAKING – Kaepernick Just Got an Offer to Return to Football….UNBELIEVABLE!


Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick just received an offer to play professional football again. Yes, you read that correctly…Kaepernick just received a verbal offer to play for the defending Arena Pro Football league champion Richmond Roughriders.

Now it is not for the NFL but in Arena Pro-Football….but it is professional football none the less. Merely the idea of him in a football uniform again is enough to make many Americans want to fight over the complete and utter disrespect that Kaepernick has repeatedly shown to American military veterans in spearheading the movement of kneeling during the national anthem.


Then there is Kaepernick’s hypocrisy in claiming he is standing up for minorities against police brutality when he shows up to a press conference wearing a Fidel Castro shirt – a man that actually practiced the very oppression that Kaepernick claims to be protesting.

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Now the new Richmond Roughriders co-owner Jim Jones — not the deceased religious cult leader but the rapper — was asked by TMZ Sports what he thought about potentially signing Kaepernick to play for his team. Jones responded with complete enthusiasm, welcoming to the idea.


Jones stated –

“Kap, listen man. If you want to keep your skills up to par, man, come on down to Roughriders.” 

I guess ruining the NFL wasn’t enough? Apparently, the social justice warriors are eager to allow Kaepernick to destroy arena football as well.


Many believe there is nearly zero chance Kaepernick takes another snap in the NFL.  His filing a collusion grievance against the league sealed his fate, if the millions of pissed off fans did not do it prior to that.

Though there is the argument that there was not even much interest in Kaepernick prior to his grievance filing either. Being the most polarizing free agent due to bringing his radical political agenda to the football field has alienated players, teams, owners, coaches, and fans alike.

“We gotta couple dollars too, we can talk about some business. I think the world would pay to watch you play in any form of football. I got a platform for you. Come talk to me.”

So what if Kaepernick gets up to his old tricks, bringing his politics to the field and begins kneeling during the national anthem again?  Well, Jones just does not see that as an issue, implying that the Roughriders might even want to help Kaepernick take his protests to the next level.

“We’re bringing out beach chairs. We ain’t just kneeling. We’re bringing out beach chairs and piña coladas and I sing the anthem.”

The Roughriders are now considered to be a part of the American Arena League after the APL merged into it.  They won the APL championship when they beat the Florida Tarpons 74-61. The Richmond Roughriders finished the season with a perfect record of 8-0.

This would not be the first time Arena Football in general or the Roughriders specifically dabbled in the pool of former players for the NFL. The Roughriders just recently signed the former All-Pro linebacker for the New York Jets – Marvin Jones. Jones is to be the team’s defensive coordinator for the 2018 season.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick has not played professional football since 2016 NFL season when he was still with the San Francisco 49ers.

What do you think? Should Kaepernick play?

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