Kamala Harris BUSTED And LOOK Who Called Her Out- She Can’t Hide Anymore!


The southern borders of The United States of America are being assaulted every day as tidal waves of illegal aliens keep arriving.

We have moved passed a crisis and into a National Emergency, but the Biden and Harris regime refuses to acknowledge it- BECAUSE THEY DESIGNED IT!

From Fox News:

Customs and Border Protections (CBP) expects to have encountered over 171,000 migrants in the month of March alone, including 18,800 unaccompanied children. In March 2020, under the strong leadership of President Trump, the CBP saw only 34,000 migrants.

When in September 2019 Biden told illegal immigrants ”you should come” to America, they clearly listened. This is Joe Biden’s problem.

These numbers are unprecedented and continue to grow daily, plus you have to factor the ones crossing that are not “reporting” in to any of the facilities designed for them to be processed through.

It appears citizens cannot be bothered to see what is happening, people are too busy bickering over masks, social distancing, sports entertainment, new and improved “woke” racism as well as wanting to pretend life is back to normal prior to 2021.

Fox News continues:

Now it’s Kamala Harris’ problem, too. Two weeks ago, Biden named Harris as his “point person” to address the ongoing surge of men, women and children flooding our immigration system. Given the scale of the crisis – exemplified by children being thrown over walls and the clear potential of a COVID-19 super-spreading event – one would expect the vice president to immediately jump on Air Force Two and get to the border. Right?  

Wrong. Instead, she’s joining her boss in refusing to go see the crisis that their reckless, backward policies have created.

Maybe she doesn’t want pictures next to the children sleeping in cages. Maybe she’s too busy complaining about living in a 70,000-square-foot mansion (seriously).

Harris hasn’t even taken the time to hold a press conference since allegedly taking charge of the border situation.

She is working harder on avoiding accountability for the crisis than she is on trying to fix it.  

It gets worse. She traveled to California – a border state – Easter weekend with no plans whatsoever to make an appearance at the border. Instead, she spent time in Los Angeles and Oakland, without scheduling public events.

This comes after border state governors have openly pleaded with her to show up in person and help solve the problem.

What other proof do citizens need to see, to live through?  This border emergency was created, implemented and set into action by Biden and Harris. Facts prove it, facts are evidence and evidence is clear that this is all by design and the government will open the doors as wide as they can.

We are living in very sad days when a nation of people choose to ignore what is going on around them because they have been manipulated with distractions and threatened by the government to, “kneel down, shut up and do what you are told”.

Anyways, I digress… Fox News continued:

Taking a California vacation on the taxpayer’s dime when there’s a humanitarian crisis raging mere miles to the south is cynical, weak and fundamentally uncaring.     

Harris’ failure to do even the bare minimum – just showing up – is an insult to the people working overtime at the border to care for the thousands of unaccompanied children that are here due to her administration’s policies. They are working under immense stress to provide some level of safety and comfort even as the system is stretched to the breaking point.

It is worth remembering that Harris once compared these hardworking, overstretched border workers to members of the Ku Klux Klan. Perhaps Joe Biden should have considered that before passing the buck on his administration’s signature crisis to his vice president.  

Blunt truth is, if and when Harris decides to approach the border emergency, we can all count on a web of lies and more manipulation.

Open and honest discussions with one another, without emotions but instead logic and facts, is how we begin to unite together as one and begin healing our nation.

One thing is very clear, if we continue down this horrific path, we will lose The United States and it will be our children and their children who will suffer from our complacency.  This is not intended to rile people up but rather, wake them up so they can start openly talking with one another.


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