V.P. Kamala Harris Flies To Middle East, Sides With Terrorists


What does Kamala Harris actually do as Vice President?

We know she is supposed to be the “BORDER CZAR” but that is nothing but a freaking joke.

But we really can’t blame her for the wide open borders and the catastrophic situation on her.

She definitely should have made an effort to go there for a photo-op but that would have accomplished nothing and would have cost a ton of money- not that Dems care about throwing money down the toilet on a daily basis.

Harris is also in charge of artificial intelligence which is in itself a complete joke.

I mean, intelligence really her thing.

So basically she really does NOTHING and she’s good at that.

So she was given an assignment to fly to a country that doesn’t give one crap about what she has to say.

Look, we Americans have no idea what she’s talking about so to expect a room full of Arabs and anyone else unfortunate to being tortured to sit and listen to her nonsense is really too much to expect.

Anyways, we just wasted millions of dollars and polluted the atmosphere and accomplished NOTHING.

Just another day in the BIDEN REGIME.


This article was written by Mark Megahan at News Hour First.

Kamala Harris jumped onto Air Force Two and they dropped her in Dubai it was a total waste of time and jet fuel.

All she did was read the same speech that Antony Blinken gave, rewritten to scramble the words around but still siding with Hamas.

Then, it was back home to wherever she hides in Washington.

Kamala Harris Unchained

Israelis “in a grueling fight against a dangerous terrorist enemy” weren’t real thrilled that Kamala Harris “was dispatched to Dubai to deliver a scolding of our close ally for the benefit of Arab leaders.”

Even though they were nothing but recycled talking points, “Her remarks were morally weak and untethered from reality.”

On October 7, Hamas terrorists dropped into Israel by parachute and instantly started shooting, raping and pillaging. Since then, the Biden regime has consistently been siding with the terrorists.

“Kamala Harris claims there is a “climate crisis.”

Here’s how serious she takes the issue:

????????????????????????: Travels 7,000+ miles to Dubai
????????????????????????????????: Rides around Dubai in a motorcade
????????????????????????: Jets 7,000+ miles back to DC”

The IDF’s attempts to destroy Hamas from the face of the Earth have been met with global outrage. They’re being way too tough on the goat humpers, Kamala announced.

Just because Hamas wants to kill all the Jews is no reason we can’t be nice to them, Harris declared. Last week, Blinky “criticized Israel for inflicting too many civilian casualties.” Kamala said it again.

Blinky insists he “instructed the Israel Defense Forces that the successful tactics they employed in northern Gaza should not be used in the south.” How dare they try to actually win the war. He acts like he has authority to order the IDF around.

Remarks to Arab leaders

It’s being reported that in the remarks Kamala delivered to “leaders of the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and the Hamas-sponsoring Iranian ally Qatar,” Harris “delivered a version of the same message” Blinky has been babbling.

One “rooted in the same failed Obama-era strategy of trying to show ‘daylight‘ with Israel in the groundless hope that it will earn more trust in the Arab world.” She was really hoping to score some of Prince Happy Cat’s hash. She knows how Mohammed bin Salman gets his Cheshire grin.

Joe Biden and his handlers, Kamala insists, hold a “steadfast conviction” that “Israel has a right to defend itself.” They just don’t think they should be allowed to fight back. Too many “innocent” goat humping terrorists have been murdered already.

“The COP28 climate summit began in Dubai on Thursday. Dubai—in the oil-rich UAE.

John Kerry flew private to attend—and called for the world to end of coal. Kamala Harris took Air Force Two.

The elitism and hypocrisy is simply stunning.”

She refuses to admit that “Israel is going above and beyond its responsibilities to minimize civilian casualties given that it is fighting an enemy that operates from hospitals, U.N. buildings, schools, and residential neighborhoods.”

Hamas counts on the Biden regime saying things like this and “operates this way as a matter of strategy.” Kamala swallows it hook, line and sinker. She totally ignores that “Israel has provided regular warnings to civilians in areas it plans to target, even though it knows doing so will also alert Hamas fighters.”

Not only that, the IDF “has allowed trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza, even knowing that the aid will be diverted to Hamas and that Hamas will steal fuel intended for its people so it can fire rockets at Israel.” Kamala wants Israel to fight nice and let Hamas have a fair chance of killing them all.

Have we had enough of these useless idiots yet?


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