Kamala Harris Under Fire for ‘Disrespectful’ Tweet on Memorial Day Weekend- She Needs To Be Removed From Office NOW


Liberals are such garbage. Most of them don’t even know what Memorial Day is even about.

And some of them that do know what Memorial Day is about say they don’t give a shit about our military heroes.

It’s seriously disgusting.

When it comes to our political leaders you would expect a well written, heartfelt meaningful and respectful statement- especially from our garbage President and Vice President.

Well, Kamala Harris put out one of the most beautiful statements I have ever seen.

Just kidding.

The pile of garbage tweeted about Memorial Day and it was absolutely disgustingly disrespectful.

Harris is being slammed on social media.

Check this out from Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up:

The problem is she tweeted about the “long weekend” but didn’t mention the somber significance of the weekend.

Harris tweeted, “Enjoy the long weekend,” above a big photo of herself smiling (see below).

That’s it.


Social media is on fire with condemnation for Harris’ lack of consideration for what Memorial Day weekend is about. Is anyone surprised that she missed the mark on this? She was just in the news for the cringy joke that fell flat during her speech to the Naval Academy:

We honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice on Memorial Day weekend, but just like Harris’ inappropriate cackling, this too is a clumsy misfire.

Many comments on Twitter under the post pointed out the significance of this weekend and posted somber photos:

Robby Starbuck wrote: I know you think the “long weekend” is a chance to post a pic of yourself and get some mimosas as you plan to rip our country apart, but it’s actually a time to appreciate the brave soldiers who died for our country & to reflect on the LIFETIME their families spend without them.

Timothy Tobin wrote: It the MEMORIAL DAY weekend when we remember those who have fallen defending our country, and NOT just some “long weekend.” WTF is wrong with you? Seriously. You should be ashamed.

Paul Szoldra called the tweet a “real misfire”…

“Real misfire here. It is a long weekend. It’s also Memorial Day weekend, which means far more that our government officials should acknowledge: a time to remember and honor the millions of Americans who lost their lives in our nation’s defense.”

JW Watch wrote:

Can you believe that crap?

She is disgusting.


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