Kansas City Chiefs Now Selling DISGUSTING Anti-American T-Shirts… Look What They Say!


Like most other teams in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs demonstrated during the national anthem after President Donald Trump’s comments.

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters chooses not to stand for the national anthem. This isn’t unique, but unlike other players around the league who are protesting social injustice, Peters refuses to explain his motivation.


“Nobody’s gotta know my reason why I sit,” Peters told the Kansas City Star‘s Terez A. Paylor. “Nobody’s gotta know the reason why somebody chooses the religion they choose. Nobody’s gotta know why I eat cereal instead of eating oatmeal in the morning.”

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After the Las Vegas shooting that killed 59 and injured hundreds more, Monday night football told the fans and players that they were dedicating the game to the victims and family of the victims, to those still fighting for their lives.


Now is not the time to get into any politics over their protests or disgraceful acts, now is the time to come together and heal as a nation.  Instead 2 players from the Kansas city Chiefs sat and refused to stand for the victims, for the families and for the Nation. 

Cornerback Marcus Peters and linebacker Ukeme Eligwe were the only two players on either team who decided to sit during the anthem.  They were met with outrage at the Monday night NFL game by refusing to stand for the national anthem in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.


Peters, who has sat on the bench for the anthem all season, was one of two Kansas City players who failed to stand, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, but the only one shown on camera by ESPN.

As the NFL saga continues, angry fans have resorted to setting fire to their jerseys and paraphernalia.  With the clear message to BOYCOTT the NFL and crybaby millionaires that turn their backs on their nation and military that have protected and some gave all, for their tempter tantrums.
This has sparked the clowns on the other side of the line, the ones that are delusional enough to support the NFL and the political agenda of the protesting players, to “fight back” on social media as well as now, selling shirts to TAKEAKNEE.
From some shit  site called The Heaviest Hand:
“2-color, hand-pulled silkscreen on 100% cotton Gildan tee. All profits from sales of this shirt will be donated to the ACLU and the Criminal Law Reform Project.The Criminal Law Reform Project (CLRP) focuses its work on the “front end” of the criminal justice system—from policing to sentencing— seeking to end excessively harsh criminal justice policies that result in mass incarceration, over-criminalization, and racial injustice, and stand in the way of a fair and equal society. #BlackLivesMatter”

Yeah, that is one of the ugliest shirts I have ever seen.

These clowns are calling those who oppose what the NFL is doing and are vocal against the players, racist and saying they cannot call themselves Patriotic.
That sure is the “go-to” move for the clowns and sheep, throwing around “racist” because it invokes fear and is supposed to make people back pedal and stand down.
Let me explain something and use blunt truth to do so, racism is being used to destroy a people and a nation.  Taking a stand against those who turn their backs on their nation is not racism, taking a stand against those who believe that violence against LEO and white people, is not racism.
People have been forced to swallow this PC garbage for so many years that it has become an epidemic of stupidity in America.
Black lives matter, antifa, new black panthers and all the rest of the domestic terrorist groups in the US that use hate and violence to attempt to “intimidate” others, are what is destroying our nation.
Now these ignorant fools are wearing shirts that promote siding with the NFL and the players, they desire to get everyone to take a knee against Trump and the United States.
They desire division and have promised to overthrow trump and to kill white people starting in November, they promise to “cleanse” America.
The clown behind the shirts for the KC Chiefs is,  Anthony Schmiedeler from Kansas City, Kansas. 

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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