Remember When Kanye West BLASTED Bush About Katrina? Look What He Says About Obama After LA Floods [Vid]

Kanye West is a filthy, racist scumbag…


Back in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina and the tragic events that unfolded during the aftermath, former President George W. Bush was criticized by many on his handling or mishandling of the situation. Bush flew over New Orleans to see the devastation rather than actually putting feet on the ground and showing the people of Louisiana what good leadership looks like.  


Most everyone remembers Kanye West doing an interview and stating, “George Bush doesn’t like black people.”  Now Obama has taken bad leadership to all new lows in how he has chosen to address the catastrophic flooding situation in southeast Louisiana, or should I say complete LACK of LEADERSHIP?

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Until recently, Obama had not even acknowledged the devastation of these floods of Biblical proportion, dropping more than 4 trillion gallons of water in just three days. The media has been virtually silent and many Louisianans have turned to social media to post pictures, get news out, communicate with family members, and even ask for help. The ONLY acknowledgement thus far has been for Obama to declare southeast Louisiana a “disaster area” which makes them eligible for FEMA funds. Yet, WHERE IS FEMA? They certainly aren’t in Louisana.

Instead, Louisianans have shown a depth of character not seen much today and have helped their neighbors, truly demonstrating what community is supposed to look like. Privately owned boats, 4-wheel drive trucks, and Jeeps were used to help perform rescues and get people to safety. A group of civilian individuals that have been dubbed the “Cajun Navy” have been out in force with rescues and clean-up efforts.


Others had a dry place to sleep and allowed neighbors a safe place to lay their head while they figure out what comes next.  There has even been a Facebook group set up called “Adopt a Louisiana Family” as many families are literally without even basic necessities and it allows those with friends and family that are not local the opportunity to assist in a tangible way on a voluntary basis. In order to even qualify for FEMA assistance, folks had to have flood insurance and then it’s a max benefit of $33,000 per household. Now forgive me but last I checked, people that don’t have flood insurance pay taxes too and that’s where FEMA money comes from — so Obama and his regime are going to withhold money from people that desperately need it that is rightfully theirs in the first place???

So Obama vacations, Hillary is “resting,” and the only person actually IN Louisiana and attempting to help is Donald Trump.  The majority of the nation is in the dark, unless one happens to follow social media at all and has seen just how bad the devastation is — what 4 trillion gallons of water looks like when it falls over an area in 3 days — many others are waking up to a few facts.

As the nation watched via mainstream media as professional protesters and rabble rousers came from all over to wreck havoc on Baton Rouge in the wake of the police shooting of Alton Sterling and the subsequent execution of three police officers in retaliation.  Many screaming about “No Justice, No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter.” Lewis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, and the New Communist Party also raising their voices crying racism and how white people are the cause of all the issues that plague black people today, raising racial tensions to levels not seen since the 1960’s.

Yet, in the wake of the devastation of these flood waters, many people regardless of color or creed are helping their neighbors and left wondering – where are these people now? What about THESE Black lives? Do they not matter when natural disaster occurs? Clearly not because they aren’t present.

They are just as missing in action as Obama has been, along with the national media, because seeing a community come together and act like people – not colors, not politically correct labels, just people – living out “love thy neighbor as yourself” in epic proportions, just doesn’t fit their agenda.  There is no racial tension to exploit, no police brutality to claim, NOTHING!  So that begs the question, do black lives REALLY matter to Obama and his pet hate group CALLED Black Lives Matter? If so, then where are these supposed caring individuals now that Louisiana REALLY needs help?

H/T – John Binder at The Hayride

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