Kanye West Get’s Slapped In The FACE By Texas BBQ Joint… Orders Him To Do THIS!


Austin’s Franklin BBQ is known for being one of the best eateries in Texas. Their popularity has grown so rapidly that hundreds of hungry people wait in line for hours each day just to get a taste of their world famous food.

Rain or shine, six days a week, hundreds of men, women and children wait three to five hours or longer to eat some of the most celebrated smoked beef brisket in America. The line has become a thing unto itself — a kind of pregame party for meat, 2,000 pounds of it daily — instead of sport, and the best visible evidence of the cult of Texas barbecue.

Back in March 2015, it was reported that famed rapper Kanye West tried to use his high-profile status to jump in front of the establishment’s massive line. He was immediately shut down.

“Kanye West wanted to cut the line and we didn’t let him,” Benjamin Jacob, the general manager told the New York Times. “Everybody’s equal!”


It’s 10:06 a.m. in Texas. Hundreds may be in line for this BBQ. Even Kanye had to wait. https://t.co/RrMFkM3hkR pic.twitter.com/JlFCnHgyDl

There has been one exception. On a trip to Austin in 2014, President Obama was apologetic as he cut to the front and stood at the counter, so much so that he bought lunch for the family who had been next in line. When Mr. Obama heard their order, which included three pounds of brisket, he joked, “Hold on — how many folks are y’all feedin’?”


How generous. He should have dropped a couple thousand dollars and fed everyone in line. But that involves having a generous heart, a love for Americans and class- he has none of those.

Kudos to this wonderful Texas BBQ joint for showing Kanye that he’s nothing special. Just some black that got lucky and got rich off of spreading hate via his crappy rap music.

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